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OBD has been around the world for a very long time to reveal vehicle breakdowns

a device using . Thanks to the ease of use of this device, which is also known as OBD 2 and ELM in our country, drivers are able to view malfunctions that are not included in the instrument panel and are of great importance by pairing the device with their smart phones.

Like most things, using OBD 2 both benefit and harm. This device, which can also be used in second-hand vehicle sales, can fool the buyer, especially in terms of mileage. Let’s examine all OBD 2 and its derivative devices, what are their uses and harms, together.

What is OBD 2, what does it do?

OBD 2 is an extremely small and affordable vehicle diagnostic tool that can also be found at affordable prices. These devices are kind of allows you to communicate with the vehicle’s brain.. So is every model compatible with the car? Your vehicle If manufactured after 2009 and does not have a carburetor, yes. OBD 2 and its derivative devices, injection system

Works on vehicles running with . Of course, the same brand OBD 2 does not work in every car. To get the most suitable OBD 2 for your vehicle, you need to contact the seller with the mudollaraka.

Thanks to this device, you can view all kinds of information that your vehicle has recorded in the brain on your smart phones. In case of any malfunction, OBD 2 shows that malfunction with its code and the user also what this code means

It should search to correct the fault. For example OBD 2 via your smartphone P0100


If indicates the fault, these numbers indicate a fault in the air flow circuit.

What data can I access via OBD 2?

These types of devices allow you to communicate with the brain of your vehicle, as we mentioned before. From instant fuel information to engine temperature, from the load applied to the engine to intake – exhaust failure You can view many data via OBD 2. There are dozens of applications developed for the data that OBD 2 will provide. The data displayed in one application may not be displayed in another, so you can control your vehicle over more than one application and ensure your work.

Every OBD 2 device is different from each other and some devices are may also transmit false information should not be forgotten. After all, such devices not for professional use is designed so that the driver can handle certain operations on his own and gain a more solid control of the vehicle.

What does it do to delete a fault record?

Thanks to devices such as OBD 2 and ELM that you have registered in the brain of the vehicle and done malfunctions. For example, let’s say you had your car washed and some water got into the engine. The computer of the vehicle will malfunction due to the escaping water and will display a code accordingly. If the water level flowing into the engine is not too high, this malfunction will no longer be a problem after a while after the water has dried.

Since the fault is encoded in the brain once, you will continue to receive this fault on your smartphone or on the dashboard. If the malfunction code not showing

You can eliminate this problem by using OBD 2 for .

In another example, let’s assume that the vehicle reported a bulb failure and you changed the bulb. Even if you change the light bulb, this will happen from time to time. fault lamp remains on and the only way to stop this warning is to connect to OBD 2 and clear the fault.

Before buying OBD 2;

We recommend that you do a thorough research before purchasing OBD 2. We have mentioned before that not every device does the same to clear fault, this feature may not be supported on an OBD 2 you bought.

When we do a short research on the internet, especially the new version of OBD 2 devices read operation but we can see that it cannot clear the fault. Many users recommend the processor in the chip to be the PIC18F25K80 mudollaraka to avoid this situation. No matter what brand or version you buy, before you buy in contacting the seller and paying attention to user comments is useful.

How to use OBD II?

It is necessary to connect OBD 2 to the OBD socket in your vehicle first. This socket is mostly in the lower left part of the steering wheel, inside the fuse box. After plugging OBD 2 into the socket, you need to pair the device and your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Users with a digital multimedia screen in their vehicle, without the need for a smartphone Can match OBD 2 with the car’s multimedia screen directly. After the pairing process is complete, download some of the OBD 2 apps available in the App Store and Google Play. By trying these applications one by one, you can experience which works best based on your own experiences.

Will OBD devices have an effect on second-hand car sales?

If you are a buyer, not a seller, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. When purchasing a second-hand car, the biggest factor you should pay attention to other than vehicles, are the equipment used by auto expertise.. Some sellers who want to bring the business to the cataclysm, reset the mileage display for more than its value may try to sell. Since devices such as OBD 2 cannot detect this process, the real mileage of the vehicle detect cannot.

Some expertise nowadays, as they have a more favorable price prefers to use OBD 2 and derivative devices and this puts oil on the bread of the fraudsters we mentioned above. Auto appraisals where you will get a report to prevent such an incident from happening to you, diagnostic systems that meet world standards.

You need to make sure it is using .

How safe is it to use an OBD II device?

Such devices, unless you go cheap does not pose a big problem. The only thing you need to do is to buy devices that have good reviews, are compatible with your vehicle and have not regretted their user. Choosing poor quality products, the port where the socket enters burns and thus to malfunction in the fuse or even the brain of the vehicle..

The biggest complaint about OBD 2 is shared among the ollarser that the device consumes the battery very quickly. Therefore, it is useful to take the device out of its port and take it with you after parking the car. Otherwise, OBD 2 overnight to eat from the life of the battery can continue.

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