Apart from this, although the use of America’s is not very common, sites such as eBay, which are more widely used in America and Europe and where products can be put up for sale by auctioning, have begun to emerge. Therefore, the variety of products sold on the Internet, which has become an open market, has also increased.

Here are some of the things you might be surprised to be sold and sometimes even bought!

Illegal sale of corpses: Sperm Whale Carcass

In May 2014, Cape St. A dead sperm whale shot down 12 m on Newfoundland beach near St. Saying they were responsible for the destruction of the body, Cape St. The city of George sought a way to solve this problem. They first considered hiring a 15-metre boat to pull the carcass back into the sea, but it wasn’t enough. The corpse, which they had to wait for a week, started to smell after a while and they thought of other solutions. Desperate, the Mayor found the solution on eBay .

The mayor said they were not trying to profit from the dead whale, they were just trying to find someone to get it off their shores. When eBay pulled the auction because of its policy against selling dead or alive animals, bids for the carcass went up to $2,000 . Environment Canada found it illegal to sell an endangered species, even if it is dead. In the end, high tide, big waves and wind sent the whale back to sea and the problem was solved.

Those who sell their soul to the devil vs eBay: Human Spirit

If someone wants to buy your soul someday, you can’t sell it on eBay because they have specific policies against it. When eBay was asked why, he replied, „You can’t sell it on eBay if the soul doesn’t already exist because there would be nothing to sell, but if there is soul you still can’t sell it because the scope of eBay’s human parts and remains policy does not allow it.“ „

Turns out there’s a reason why eBay has a policy on this: People have been trying to sell their souls for a while. In 2008, a member of the Paradigm group attempted to auction his soul for £25,000 . He has also agreed to send updates on his soul along with some of his and his groups‘ earnings . He would send a birthday card to the recipient each year. He also had a clause where he could get his soul back for 100,000,000 pounds.

Another way of saying ‚I hate you‘: Stool

In marketplaces or Selling feces in online shopping sites has become a common thing lately, but the nonsense shipping has been discussed for a while. Mailpoop.com offers a great opportunity for those who want to gift stool: Dog excrement in a nice box. The fiyadollar falsification varies depending on the size of the dog. Their website even has a photo gallery showing the dogs‘ litter. However, for more discerning customers Shitexpress.com may be a better alternative, which ships horse, gorilla or elephant droppings in a sealed plastic container. Customers, on the other hand, can send messages containing „I hate you“ to the person they sent the excrement to.

For those who want a sense of nostalgia: Disposable Plastic Bag

Some people are no longer produced, with a sense of nostalgia can sell products. However, sometimes there are interesting products that are thought to be bought with the hope of nostalgia and tried to be sold. For example, a seller is trying to sell a pencil produced in 2019 that doesn’t even have an eraser, believing it to be a pre-classic work. Another seller attempted to sell two snowballs from his freezer, which he claims were from January 2016, the „largest snowfall in NYC history“. A creative Australian, relying on people’s wishes for nostalgia, tried to frame and sell the bag he called „The Last Plastic Bag“ with the news of banning plastic bags .

Another thing we’d say why would someone keep and sell this: Belly Button Cotton

Toilet paper roll while browsing eBay, You can see that garbage products such as empty egg cartons, empty makeup product containers are put up for sale. Even these products can be used for a purpose, but there are also products that do not have a logical reason why they are on sale.

A Baltimore man has meticulously kept his belly button cottons in sealed plastic containers to trade for pricey items such as motorcycles, rifles, gold put it up for sale.

The most expensive example of the Pareidolia effect: Spicy Cheetos Chips

, which causes the person to see a sensation or object in different forms There is a condition called pareidolia . It is a completely normal and conscious tendency. When a Texas man bought a similar cereal to the state of Illinois in 2008, he decided to send someone to Virginia to pick it up. It was later reported that another cereal similar to the Australian was sold for over $200.

And because of such examples, the irregular shapes of the snacks have inspired many online offers. In 2017, a hot cheetos chips similar to the gorilla Harambe who was killed to avoid attacking a child who accidentally entered his cage, sold for approximately $100,000 .

Today’s relationships turned into service: The Invisible Lover

Some people sell online service instead of a product. For example, ‚invisible girl/boy friend‘ scheduling service is offered for people who are fed up with the pressure of people around to find a partner or who are tired of their friends trying to schedule a date all the time. To create the personality of their ideal boyfriend or girlfriend, the client fills out a questionnaire, selects a selfie from the company’s collection of fake faces, downloads it to their phone, and chooses a ‚how we met‘ story. The client, who then receives text messages from his invisible lover, can receive gifts or flowers for an extra fee on holidays, birthdays and valentine’s day.

Shopping on the assumption: Fragrance of the Brangelina Couple

Clean air today is unraveling, especially for those living in high-pollution countries like China and India it is an essential issue. A company called Vitality Air can make $300,000 a year by bottling 8 liters of mountain air from Alberta, Canada, or a company called Ziploc can sell a Brooklyn neighborhood fragrance as ‚world’s most popular‘.

Famous people’s fragrance can be sold for higher quantities. The scent of places near the front seats during a Kanye West concert was auctioned on eBay for allegedly containing Kanye West breath . The second event to rival Kanye West comes from the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The couple allegedly filled their breath while walking at a red carpet event, and the jar found a buyer for $523 .

Admiration or obsession?: X-Ray of Marilyn Monroe

obsession with celebrities‘ personal belongings There are people. When the Beadollarses became famous in 1964, everything from ashtrays to bath mats, silverware and used soap cakes were bought from their hotels and sold as souvenirs. When they swam in a pool in Miami, the water in the pool was bottled and sold as „Beadollarse Water.“ Quite a few personal items of Britney Spears have been sold at auction, including a used pinch of chewing gum, a half-eaten sandwich and a pregnancy test stolen from the hotel bathroom.

Marilyn Monroe is one of them. The celebrity who suffered from intrusions into her personal life while she was alive and sadly long after her death. He became a celebrity dealing with intrusions into his personal life while he was alive and sadly long after his death. A chest X-ray taken when he entered Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Florida in November 1954 was sold at auction in 2010.

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