Windows 11 has been wondered by all Windows users since the day it was introduced. The first beta version in the past weeks For members of the Insider Program Windows 11, which was put into use, was also discussed with the system requirements it wanted for a while, as well as the changes made in the design.

Windows 11 will be available to Windows 10 users as a free upgrade from 2022. In addition, users will be able to have the new operating system earlier by purchasing computers with Windows 11 installed. For those who don’t want to wait for them and say ‘I’m going to take a look’, a developer named Blue Edge has a browser that they can browse through. Windows 11 preview prepared.

Continuing to evolve:

The Windows 11 preview, which you can visit through your browser, allows you to browse the Start menu and some basic system menus on the desktop. It is also possible to browse the internet with Microsoft Edge in preview. Any file you download while browsing in the browser is downloaded directly to your computer. The somewhat slow preview is currently in development and coming soon. allow you to browse more details will allow.

Even if it’s a little bit How Windows 11 looks Click here to visit the browser preview prepared by Blue Edge and take a brief look at the interface innovations offered by the operating system. After checking out Windows 11, don’t forget to share your first thoughts on the new operating system with us!

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