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Today you’ve been waiting for so longrobustness test vwe added a new one to our ideas and measured and weighed a fake iPhone. Currently the most powerful member of iPhones iPhone 12 Pro Max we put it to the test with our own innovative methods. Before, we compared our phone with an original iPhone 12 Pro Max and examined the differences.

Again disappointing, we prepared an unspeakable finale for the end of our test to see how physically robust a cheap fiadollar knockoff product is. In short, we threw a car on our fake iPhone 12 Pro Max. Didn’t it mean anything? Then let’s get you on video.

We regret that 1700 Dollars iPhone was produced

In our first durability test after a long break, we included the crash of Apple’s current top-end phone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. We also put the original phone next to it and started to examine it. 1700 Dollars The first thing that caught our eye in the fake phone, which was sold at prices, was its box, which was 2 times larger than the original. When we opened the box, the first thing we encountered was a phone wrapped in bubble wrap. We were also very happy to see the extra headphones that Apple did not provide.

Although it could be called a good replica in terms of appearance, of course, there was a mountain of difference between the fake and original devices.Camera, interface, resolution andspeed, we examined the performance difference of phones in many contexts. When it was time for the durability test, we battered our fake phone a little in our garden. However, he was unaware of what was going to happen to him.

We took the knock-off iPhone 12 Pro Max to a recycling center for the final stage of testing. We fixed our phone on the ground. We threw an upside-down car onto the phone with the roof down, with the help of a construction machine. to see the resultsto our video you can take a look. This process was the most extreme place we went in the robustness tesdollar series. So is this done? What phone do you think is more extreme in the next test? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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