Undoubtedly, at the beginning of the most popular technological house aledollar series of recent times smart cleaning robodollaryellow is coming. These robodollarsar map a house with their artificial intelligence supported systems, and can perform detailed cleaning according to this map. As only sweep-focused models are on the market Viomi Alpha S9

Some models like can perform both sweeping and wiping functions.

The relatively recent popularity of robot vacuums has led consumers to to their cautious approach leads. This is exactly what our YouTube team, thinking about it, has prepared a video for you that will clear all the questions in your mind. In this video, our team, who has prepared a special track for the Viomi Alpha S9, will show you the smart robot vacuum cleaner. what it has to offer has been revealed.

Is the Viomi Alpha S9 worth the money?

Our YouTube team explains how you can use the product in the video it created for the Viomi Alpha S9. We also created a track reveals how this product does well on both hard surface and carpet. You will also be satisfied with how much the robot vacuum cleaner, which gets full marks from us, will satisfy you. we are not wondering.

Viomi Alpha S9, which we tested for you, our valued followers. technical specifications as follows;

  • 2700Pa suction power
  • 3 liter dust collection unit
  • 5. 200mAh battery
  • 2 in 1 dust box and 250 ml controlled water tank
  • 12 different sensors
  • Mapping with Lidar sensor

If you want to buy the product, here you can use the link. (with the code WEBTEKNO150) 150 Dollars discount you can win. Last day for discount code: 30 September 2021)

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