When we first heard about the new game of People Can Fly, Outriders, which was the producer of Bulletstorm and one of the Gears of War series games, which did not see the value it deserved in its time, we added it to the list of games that we should take a look at in mudols. At every opportunity, we express that we like games that have a story, that is, a beginning and an end, more. So the explanation that Outriders is not a GaaS either, made us quite mudoled. In order to avoid the confusion caused by their resemblance to looter and shooter games such as Destiny and The Division, we think it was good for them to try to cause this in the first place.

Enoch is not quite a normal planet!

Let’s get to Outriders’ topic. The story begins with a group of people who managed to survive with Earth becoming uninhabitable, reaching Enoch, an alien planet to colonize. However, it soon becomes clear that this planet is not as normal as expected. Our character is subjected to a strange accident fueled by a huge energy storm called “Anomaly” and is frozen to sleep by his teammates to be rescued. Some time passes and years later we awaken to a world where we will discover that the colonists are split into warring groups, and in the meantime we learn that we have special powers. Our aim is to explore the planet, to learn more about the anomaly and of course to learn about the fate of humanity.

Outriders; Although it seems like it has been heavily influenced by games like Destiny and The Division, it actually contains great combat mechanics that we love from fun TPS games like Mass Effect and Bulletstorm. As you will notice while playing the game, although there is a lot of focus on equipment and character development, it also has a structure that you will be able to reach the result without getting stuck in them.

4 different classes that can be retrofitted. . .

At the point where we discover our special powers in the game, the choice is left to us and we can choose one of four classes. Each of these four classes has eight powers with varying effects and cooldowns. Unlike similar games where you are rarely allowed to use your abilities, Outriders allows you to use many abilities quickly, one after the other. Among these four classes, Devastator deals heavy damage in any combat like a close-range tank, while also taking the burden of damage. Pyromancer, as it is called, can dominate flames and perform well at medium range with flame-based attacks on enemies.

For those who prefer long range attacks, we can recommend the Technomancer as we did. It allows you to place freezers and rocket-firing weapons on the battlefield to assist your team at long range. It is also possible to heal everyone, as it is a support class. Trickster, on the other hand, uses close-range but faster-paced hit and run mechanics. Using this class it is even possible to teleport yourself to the back of the enemy. Playing as a team with friends from different classes makes it easier to reach the result. Of course, whichever class you choose, it is actually possible to play alone.

You need to be online all the time!

Even if you are playing the story mode alone, we don’t understand why we still have to be connected to the servers. This does not allow you to stop the game, and enemies can attack you even while on the menu screen. In fact, it is not possible to play the game in server problems that may occur, as is often the case during the first release period of the game. We hope this will change soon. Because we do not want Destiny to experience the fate of a game that has such great potential in both the story and the online side due to server problems.


Platform XBOX / PC / PS
Type FPS / RPG
Producer People Can Fly
Distribution Square Enix
For information https: // outriders. square-enix-games. com / en-us /

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