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Zombie movies are among the popular genres of horror and thrillers. There are exciting zombie movies with zombies in their lead roles, in their story or subject. The best zombie movies is waiting for you! The best zombie movies Zombie movies with the highest IMDb score

We have listed for you. Request, 20 best zombie movies ever. . .

20. DOGHOUSE (2009)

IMDb Score: 6.0

The subject of Doghouse movie

What is ? A group of men who travel to a remote village to help sell one of their friends’ divorce adolescents soon discover that all women have been infected with a virus that causes them to become cannibals who hate men.


IMDb Point: 6.2

Plot of the movie Land of the Dead

What is ? The Land of the Dead is a sequel to the zombie series. After a disaster, the whole civilization has disappeared. Now the dead have revenge on those who survived. A small group of survivors live in a city protected by high walls. But while the elders of the city live comfortably in a place called Fiddler’s Green, the locals resist standing in misery. Leader Paul Kaufman, who rules the city with his ruthless methods, is on the one hand, and Dead Reckoning, the vehicle patrolling outside the city walls, on the other. Meanwhile, Riley Denbo, the creator of Dead Reckoning, is a popular public figure. However, one day he was arrested. Then the management of the vehicle is left to someone else who will revolt against Kaufman and wage war in the short term.


IMDb Point: 6.2

Resident Evil Apocalypse / Resident Evil: Apocalypse plot

What is ? Alice awakens from a terrifying sleep and realizes that her worst nightmares are real. He’s gotten away with the biochemical incident, but he’s looking for a remedy to block the virus in question. On the other hand, he tries to escape from the city of Racoon. After the experiments carried out by the Umbrella Company, he became the owner of extraordinary powers. There are others who join him. These people had previously worked with the Umbrella Company and were dismissed. There are wild zombies against them in this struggle that they embark on by challenging. But even more important than that is Nemesis, the newly created creature by Umbrella. Combating it requires a very different dimension of resistance. It meets the audience as a sequel to Resident Evil.

17. RAMMBOCK (2010)

IMDb Score: 6.3

The subject of the movie Rammbock

What is ? When Michael comes to Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend, Gabi, a terrible virus spreads rapidly across the city, turning people into zombies.


IMDb Score: 6.3

Plot of Resident Evil: Extinction

What is ? Fatal Experiment 3, a sequel, can be described as an extremely active story of the series. With the security in the living quarters destroyed, Carlos Olivera and L. J gather a number of survivors. They reunite with other inhabitants, especially Claire, K-Mart, and Betty. They set off and sail through empty deserts in armored convoys. All they want is to find those who are not affected by the virus like themselves. However, there are only zombies in the desert. They have to be armed against zombies in order to survive.


IMDb Point: 6.6

The subject of Go Goa Gone movie

What is ? A group of friends wanting to have a good time at a wild party on a remote island in Goa learns the island is overrun by zombies.

14. PET SEMATARY (1989)

IMDb Point: 6.6

Pet Sematary film subject

What is ? A grieving father discovers an ancient cemetery behind his house with the power to revive the dead.

13. FIDO (2006)

IMDb Point: 6.7

Fido movie subject

What is ? Space radiation turns the dead into Zombies. Zomcon fights zombies and finds ways to calm and use them.


IMDb Point: 6.7

Plot of Resident Evil movie

What is ? Outside the city of Raccoon, there is a genetic research center called Hive, managed by a company called Umbrella Corporation. A thief who seizes the virus named T-virus produced in one of the experiments applied during the research, releases this virus into the Hive building. The virus captures the artificial intelligence called The Red Quinn and then begins to infect everyone in the center. The entire staff turns into zombies and these zombies are led by Red Quinn. A team that comes to the center to stop Red Quinn will try to cope with zombies while fighting this artificial intelligence machine.


IMDb Score: 6.9

Hot Hearts / Warm Bodies movie plot

What is ? Mankind has been a prisoner of a zombie epidemic that started about 8 years ago and its cause and how it spread is no longer remembered. The zombies outnumber a group of humans who managed to survive; Despite all the weapon technology they have, people have secured themselves only by imprisoning them behind high walls. One day, when R, who lives at the airport, like so many zombies, goes out to feed with her friends, she encounters Julie, who wants to kill her. He fell in love when he had to bite him and be fed, because his lost human qualities begin to be fulfilled one by one and gradually. While the love she felt for Julie makes her heart beat again, our character, who does not even remember her name and how she died, ‘heals’ as she regains her feelings; Moreover, this healing effect will positively affect other zombies believed to be affected by the epidemic. . . If they can convince the rest of humanity!


IMDb Score: 7.0

28 Weeks Later / Plot of the movie 28 Weeks Later

What is ? The mess caused by the spread of the Rage virus to the British Isles has been brought under control, and the people are slowly returning to their homes they had to evacuate. The American military is also helping to restore order in various parts of London and ensure that people can relocate safely to their homes. On the other hand, the Rage virus is dangerous and insidious enough to upset all plans. He is pulled aside at a time when everyone thinks the danger is past, and he is waiting for the time when he will act again in a much more dangerous way. As a matter of fact, a member of a family enjoying the joy of being able to return to their homes still carries the terrible virus in their body. The virus is waiting for the right time to reappear.


IMDb Score: 7.0

Plot of World War Z / World War Z movie

What is ? Gerry Lane is a family man who lives a rambunctious life with his two daughters and his beloved wife. One day, when their cars get stuck in traffic, they realize that something is wrong, unlike usual. Danger is fast approaching. . . Gerry, an employee of United Milledollarser, who has placed his family in a safe zone, will travel the world to save the world that has been divided into two, while competing against the highly constrained time. The movie, in which Brad Pitt is based on both the leading role and the production, focuses on an extraordinary war between humans and zombies. The movie is based on Max Brooks’ book of the same name.


IMDb Point: 7.2

Plot of Yol / The Road movie

What is ? In a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, America is a place of fire. The direction of a father and son is to the shores of America. While crossing America from one end to another, the main problem in their adventure with a simple rifle in their hands is that they do not know where they are going in difficult weather conditions and the bandits who are on their way. Although the movie is in the science fiction genre, it also carries elements of the Western genre.


IMDb Point: 7.3

Plot of Dawn of The Dead movie

What is ? Young and beautiful nurse Ana finishes her daily work at the hospital and returns home to her beloved one. They make love and sleep together. The next day he comes back to life after being killed by his next-door neighbor. Noticing the chaos happening in the neighborhood and the zombies piling up around, Ana runs away from the house. When the tick comes, he encounters a cop and other survivors. Together they seek safety in a shopping mall. Soon other escapes arrive too and learn that if they want to survive, they must be joined together. The world is about to be ruled by the dead. What is the way to survive in this global chaos?


IMDb Point: 7.5

Plot of Braindead movie

What is ? Lionel and his girlfriend, Paquita, take a stroll to the zoo while his curious mother follows them. But a kind of mouse-monkey bites her from Sumatra and starts a contagious zombie epidemic. Trying to protect his mother, Lionel tries to hide his victims in the basement of their home, but things get increasingly out of control and an army of zombies flood out. Braindead, the third feature film shot in his country by New Zealand director Peter Jackson, who directed The Lord of the Rings, combines comedy and horror elements.


IMDb Point: 7.5

The subject of the Zombie Express / Busanhaeng movie

What is ? Seok-woo (Yoo Gong) took a fast train from Seoul to Busan with his daughter Soo-ahn. However, during the journey, a rapidly spreading virus emerges, and anyone caught with the virus begins to turn into bloodthirsty zombies. Passengers who are not affected by the virus will have to complete an extremely dangerous journey to reach Busan safely.

4. 28 DAYS AFTER / 28 DAYS LATER. . .

IMDb Point: 7.6

Plot of the movie 28 Days Later / 28 Days Later

What is ? A deadly virus has threatened Britain. People caught in this virus, which spreads from diseased chimpanzees in a research laboratory, are in a difficult situation. People struggling with this job not only destroy the virus, but also have great problems with those who get the disease. Other problems arise when they move to the shelter run by the soldiers as a remedy. The director of the British film, Danny Boyle, has done a very successful job. Alex Garland, who we know as the author of the novel for which he adapted his movie Beach, is the screenwriter of the film.


IMDb Point: 7.6

Plot of the movie Zombieland

What is ? Zombieland is a horror / comedy production directed by Ruben Fleischer. The film stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Amber Heard and Mila Kunis. Bill Murray guest stars as a zombie. In the movie, the dangerous journey of a group of people whose lives turn into a nightmare with the zombie epidemic is told by blending comedy and horror elements.


IMDb Point: 7.9

Zombie / Dawn of The Dead movie plot

What is ? Dawn of the Dead, a sequel, continues with the same excitement where it left off. Special police Peter and Roger take refuge at a nearby TV station after cleaning up an apartment captured by flesh-eating zombies. Here, they take the two TV players they met with them and escape from the building by helicopter and reach a shopping center.
They will have to stay longer than they calculated in the shopping center they stopped by for a short time to get supplies, because all zombies are trying to enter this building for an inexplicable reason. Consumer society is being criticized through zombies.


IMDb Point: 7.9

Dawn of the Zombies / Shaun of the Dead plot

What is ? A man decides to save his dying life. As a first step, he plans to regain his ex-girlfriend. He wants to fix his relationship with his mother. One day, zombies attack North London. The dead begin to accumulate on the streets. Watching all this, Shaun decides to save his loved ones. A challenging adventure awaits Shaun, who believes they will survive if Liz, Ed, Pete and their mother can get together and reach Winchester. Her mother is bitten by a zombie. Shaun is forced to kill him. The movie is actually a zombie comedy.

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