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Everyone who plays games has once thought of the idea of ​​becoming a professional gamer. Esports, which looks like an easy profession from the outside and earns a lot of money for those who perform it, is not as easy as it seems. Games with a great competitive environment are much more big pro teams and contracts. This increases the competition in esports even more. As esports grows, the chance of getting sponsorship increases, which increases revenues.

Any professional player the probability of being an esports player is 0%. even below 01. This is because competitive games, which are esports leagues, have too many players. It is very difficult to enter leagues where competition is high and only professionals play. But if you trust yourself and your game, nothing should stop you on the way.

Let’s take a look at why the odds of becoming a professional esports player are so low.

Basic of calculation

We will explain the professional esports we are talking about here, not as a living, but as a way of earning money where one can live comfortably. In other words, we will talk about being an esports player who can make a living by playing games. As a result, esports More than 6 digits per year can win. Most of this revenue comes from cash prizes, individual advertising contracts or live broadcasts.

For most esports games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds, FIFA, League of Legends, you need to concentrate on the highest leagues.

To calculate your probability of becoming an esports player two variants exists. One of them is the number of all players of the game. The number of players is an important measure for the game’s market and a factor that determines the sponsors. For this reason, a game that is bought or played by many people naturally has a much larger audience. Thus, the advertising effect created by the game is much more than an ordinary game. So this variable sets the conditions for a professional player in the game and also shows how many possible professional slots there are in the esports scene.

Another factor to consider when calculating your probability of becoming an esports player is the number of professional players in the game you want to professionalize. The sum of competitive players shows you how difficult it can be to reach your goal. A big competitive environment is much more means competition. In such a situation, it will be more difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you act expertly and show high performances, you can move into the semi-professional field much faster where you would already be in touch with smaller contracts.

Although both variables can be similar, they can also be completely different. For example, FIFA has millions of players worldwide but the competition is relatively small compared to that. However, despite the fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has millions of players around the world, the competitive environment is also huge.

Of course, we need much more than good game play to do this calculation. Let’s take a look at these elements together.

Countries and countries

Asia is now counted as a pioneer in the field of play. The most used saadollarser of television prime time

In , strategy games on tv, sports games and first-person games airing. When games are accepted on a social level, the potential for professional players to gain status increases considerably. However, this also leads to the development of a competitive environment.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in our country. A very large group of people who do not see esports as a sport exists. Although professional esports players work almost as much as athletes – maybe even more – they cannot achieve a status in our country, especially in the middle and old segments. When this is the case, the families of young esports candidates do not support them, which greatly reduces our potential for new esports players.

The importance of sponsors

Fans, audience numbers, and specific age groups identify with your game is an interesting element for sponsors. Of course, finding a sponsor for yourself also depends on your own personality. If you are a good player and have a large number of fans, your chances of finding sponsors are relatively high. Finding a sponsor may be what works best for your growth. But if you’re playing a realistic first-person shooter 18+, the probability of finding a sponsor drops some more.

Scene size and talent management

As we explained above with variables, your personal probability from the size of a competitive scene is strongly affected. If possible, good promotion of young talent and logically excellent conditions are offered by a large audience with a lot of competition and a lot of competition. The bigger the esports events in your country, the more likely you are to be valued as an esports player. While this may magnify the competition, it can help you with professionalism.

Is your game ready for esports?

The manufacturer of the game you are playing is also a very important role in your path to becoming an esports player is playing. The quality of the game in terms of prize money for individual events and aggregate compatibility for esports players and spectators as well as sponsors is highly dependent on the game manufacturer.

Unless a game gets good updates hype fades very quickly. That’s why you should also pay attention to the current state of your game. If the game you’re playing is a rising star in esports like Valorant, your career could become much more attractive. If you’re playing a game with relatively low hype like PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds, your odds of becoming an esports player will decrease over time.

The harmony of your age

To be an esports player, you need to play games from a young age. If you are younger than 20 years old, as your reflexes are much fresher, your probability of becoming an esports player is slightly higher. Assuming esportsmen retire at a young age, the odds of someone older than 24 becoming an esportsperson from scratch are pretty low.

Although your reflexes are on point, the sponsors are mostly the audience. he accepted as a role model supports players. This makes it more common for a teenager to take a 24-year-old as a role model than a 40-year-old.

Your mental attitude

No matter how professional you think as an esports player one of the biggest factors. How seriously do you take your desire to be among the best? Do you adjust yourself and your life accordingly? Are you a disciplined adherence to the methods, processes, habits, and goals that distinguish the top athlete from the amateur? Are you willing to learn little by little from your mistakes so you can be on top at some point, and be humble towards better opponents? If you can easily answer these questions, you are mentally closer to being a professional esports player.

Your attitude is also a big factor in becoming an esports player. Being a professional player is also giving up a lot

It means . Your social life should not outweigh your workouts. If you have a strong will, your chances of becoming an esports player will increase significantly.

Compared to classical sports, the path to becoming a professional athlete in esports is very challenging. Probabilities can be affected by many variables over which you have absolutely no influence. It is very important to focus on the factors that you can control in this regard. There is nothing you cannot do if you fulfill your duties and move forward with willpower towards your goal.

A professional esports career is certainly possible but requires a lot of sacrifices. You have to prove to everyone that you are number one in your game. But if you provide a good basis for the factors we mentioned above, then make an effort to reach your goal e. You never know until you try. Good luck in advance! 🙂

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