The applications you download to your smartphone, as well as the websites you visit on your computer “ picture “It is important to know whether or not. For example, before you download an application to your phone, briefly checking the name of the company that makes this application will prevent you from downloading a possible fake application. Similar situation is also valid for websites. Clicking somewhere could mean allowing dozens of harmful trojans to your computer. Office 365

as on the website.

According to the news of BleepingComputer, MalwareHunterTeam, although this fake Office 365 site may look like any other site that might belong to Microsoft when you first look at it, it is actually not.

This website, prepared by attackers, can be used by a trojan that enters your computer through a leak. Chrome or Firefox page. If you are an Office 365 user and do not look at the site’s address, then it is possible that you will fall into the network of attackers.

Because when you stay on the page for a few seconds, you will see a browser update for Firefox or Chrome. When you do the update, upd365_58v01. exe

The file named will be downloaded to your computer and when it runs, the trojan svchost. exe will be injected into the process, and behind it, it will leak data from your computer without you realizing it.

If you have visited this page and installed the update offered, you should immediately run a security scan of your computer.

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