Volkswagen’s popular hatchback model Polo, one of the biggest automobile brands in our country, has the features and design language that will appear among popular hatchback cars with its new model. Expanding interior and exterior structure and sporting appearance, Volkswagen Polo 2021 seems to consider its models one more click this year.

In the past, it was also known as the “Full young car” among the people. Volkswagen Polo, with its renewed design Volkswagen Golf’s twin brother. Without further ado, let’s move on to the remarkable features of the Volkswagen Polo, which looks bigger, more sporty and aggressive.


External design:

The renewed Polo, which has a brand new look and a more aggressive design language compared to the old generation Polos, does not have much design change compared to the models of last year. One of the most striking things in the field of design is the one at the front and rear of the vehicle. all-LED headlights. These headlights are Volkswagen Polo’s sporty helps it appear.

There is also a panoramic glass roof on the vehicle that extends across the width of the roof. Volkswagen Polo comes with optional aluminum alloy wheels. Combined with the sharp hadollars of the vehicle, the aluminum alloy jandollarsar really fits the sporty look of the vehicle perfectly.

Except those Volkswagen Polo R-Line Sport Package option is available. There are R-Line front and rear bumpers exclusive to this package, radiator grille with R-Line logo, rear diffuser under the rear bumper, additional chrome moldings in the form of exhaust and roof spoiler. As the name suggests, this package literally doubles the sporty look of the vehicle.

Interior design:

Coming to the interior of the Volkswagen Polo, one of the most striking things is behind the wheel. all digital having a screen. In addition to the fully digital information display of the vehicle, there is a touchscreen multimedia screen in the middle of the cockpit. In addition to these, in the air conditioning part, Volkswagen Polo analog, although a system is preferred, the information display of the air conditioner is also digital.

circling the cockpit of the vehicle colorful details also stands out. This colored part is also located on the center console where the vehicle’s air conditioning, USB and gear are located.


Airbags surrounding the vehicle

To protect the driver and front passenger in Volkswagen Polo front and side airbags. In addition, to protect the rear seat passengers, the rear windows are covered. curtain airbags. In the event of a collision, the seat belts and airbags work in a coordinated manner, ensuring that everyone in the vehicle receives as little damage as possible.

Adaptive speed stabilizers

The adaptive cruise control in Volkswagen Polo prevents the driver from exceeding the preset speed limit. In addition, it can make moves to keep the distance between you and the vehicles ahead. This feature in Polo allows the vehicle to automatically brake depending on the vehicle in front in stop-go traffic and when the vehicle moves. to move automatically provides.

City emergency braking system

The city emergency braking system, which is one of the most important systems in terms of safety and found in many of today’s cars, is also found in Volkswagen Polo. This system uses radar sensors at the front of the vehicle to understand critical distance situations and sends some alerts to the driver to react. These warnings sudden but short braking and both audible and visual. If the situation has come to unavoidable distances, automatic full braking is performed independently of the driver.

Blind spot warning system

The blind spot warning system, which is also a system found in most of today’s cars, warns the driver of approaching cars from the blind spot. Warning lamps on the side mirrors, if the driver tries to change lanes by giving a signal despite warnings starts flashing. This system also works with the cross-traffic alert system. This system also automatically brakes to prevent a possible collision if another vehicle is approaching the Polo.

Fatigue detection system

One of the most dangerous things in traffic is to drive while tired. When we’re tired, reflexes weaken, driving style changes, and even our eyesight and hearing can weaken. Found in Volkswagen Polo fatigue detection system warns both visually and audibly that the journey should be interrupted if the driver detects a situation outside of his normal driving habit.

Comfort and technology

Active Info Display digital instrument cluster

The instrument panel of the Volkswagen Polo is completely digital, as we mentioned in the interior design part. Active Info Display can digitally show the driver the speed and odometer, the details of the selected song, the navigation and more. 12.3” size screen can be controlled with the buttons on the steering wheel.

Climatronic dual-zone automatic air conditioning

The dual-zone fully automatic air conditioning offers two-zone adjustment to the vehicle, and two different temperature settings can be provided on the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat side. Same time Climatronic adjusts the speed of the fans according to the speed of the vehicle, making it work quieter at low speeds. When the windshield washers are operated, the air conditioner automatically switches to recirculation mode and it is ensured that bad odors do not enter the vehicle.

Keyless start and lock system

Volkswagen Polo has a feature called Keyless Access, which allows the car’s locks to be unlocked without pressing any key on the key. If you have the key on you and are less than 1.5 meters from the vehicle the car’s locks are automatically unlocked. In addition, it is enough to have the key with you to start the vehicle.

Multimedia system

In Volkswagen Polo ‘Composition Color’ and ‘Composition Media’

There are two different optional multimedia systems called . Composition Color with a 6.5” touch screen has 1 USB port and can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth. Composiiton Media, on the other hand, has an 8-inch touch screen with proximity sensor, MP3 compatible CD player, SD card input, AUX connection, 1 USB port and Bluetooth connection.

Volkswagen Polo 2021 equipment packollarseries:

  • Trendline
  • Comfordollarsine

Volkswagen Polo has 3 different equipment packages. the first package Trendline, with optimal hardware. Comfordollarsine, on the other hand, comes with additions such as aluminum alloy jandollarsarla and Climatronic equipment. In the Highline, the Volkswagen Polo most equipped

Volkswagen Polo performance, engines and fuel consumption:

1. 0 TSI 95 PS 7 speed DSG

  • Average (lt/100 km): 4.7 liters
  • Inner city (lt/100 km): 5.8 liters
  • Out of town (lt/100 km): 4.1 liters

1. 0 TSI 95 PS 5-speed manual

  • Average (lt/100 km): 4.4 liters
  • Inner city (lt/100 km): 5.5 liters
  • Out of town (lt/100 km): 3.8 liters

1. 0 80 PS 5-speed manual

  • Average (lt/100 km): 4.8 liters
  • Inner city (lt/100 km): 6.1 liters
  • Out of town (lt/100 km): 4.1 liters

Volkswagen Polo 2021 price list:

  • Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 80 PS 5-speed manual Trendline:216. 200 Dollars
  • Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 PS 5-speed manual Comfordollarsine:224. 400 Dollars
  • Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 PS 7-speed DSG Comfordollarsine:226. 400 Dollars
  • Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 PS 7-speed DSG Highline:329. 000 Dollars

For you Volkswagen Polo 2021 model in detail and shared the price list. You can also share your ideas about the vehicle and fiyadollarsar with us in the comments section.

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