Microsoft has announced that developers using Visual Studio Code can now run it in a web browser. The Redmond giant has prepared an installation-free version of the desktop application that can be used as a native development tool, but naturally there are some nuances.

vscode in your web browser to use the new solution. You need to enter the dev address. If you’re using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can work directly with local files as both browsers support the File System Access API. But those who want to work with other browsers will have to upload and download the code files one by one.

Since this is a web application, it naturally offers more limited functionality compared to the desktop version. You can view and edit local files, take notes in Markdown, and write applications using HTML, JavaScript, JSON, and CSS. But you don’t have access to a terminal or debugger.

At the same time, it is not possible to develop or test applications written in compatible languages ​​such as C, C++, Rust and more. You’ll also have access to UI customization extensions, snippets, and keymaps, and settings will be shared across desktop, web browser, and GitHub Codespaces.

Visual Studio Code stood out as a lighter version of Visual Studio. Available in the browser, this even lighter version lets you edit codes on Apple’s tabletdollar series like the iPad Pro and on relatively low-power machines like Chromebooks. Finally, it should be noted that it also supports Live Share, which offers workflows for educational environments.

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Michael Lewis


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