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5 people lost their lives, 38 people were injured, 3 of them seriously, due to the storm that affected a large part of America, especially New York . Even in New York alone, 33 roofs were blown down, 192 trees fell, 232 dangerous parts fell, 52 traffic lights and signposts were knocked down, 12 vehicles were damaged.

The storm was so violent that unusual images emerged. In fact, we have to get used to this type of extreme weather events because , due to human-induced climate change , we will be exposed to storms that are expected to be much more severe and frequent in the coming years.

It is no coincidence that the number and severity of such storms and extreme weather events have increased in America and around the world.

Last year, 984 floods, hails, heavy rains and storms were experienced in our country. This was America’s all-time record. Of these, 30 percent were flood events, 27 percent storm events, and 23 percent hail. Other extreme events were lightning with 7 percent, snow with 5 percent, landslides and frost with 2 percent and avalanche, sandstorm and fog with 1 percent.

Moreover, forest fires are not included in these weather events. Due to the record warming of the air – as we experienced painfully last summer – forest fires began to be seen in gigantic dollars.

World Meteorological Organization says that extreme climatic events such as violent storms, devastating floods, huge forest fires are now our new normal.

Because climate change increases heat waves. Warmer air increases evaporation, which worsens the drought. More drought creates flammable dry areas and forests; With rising temperatures, a much more intense and long forest fire season occurs.

Climate change also increases water vapor in the atmosphere, increasing the intensity and number of rain and snowstorms . For example, when scientists studied Hurricane Harvey in 2017, they concluded that global warming triples the likelihood of such extreme weather events. Category 4 and 5 storms are expected to become more frequent as temperatures continue to rise.

Rising sea levels are causing more severe storms and flooding.

Nearly half of the sea level rise since 1900 has been triggered by human-induced climate change . Sea levels are rising due to the expansion of warming oceans. (Like all liquids, water expands as it warms.)

The rest of the increase in sea levels is due to melting glaciers and ice sheets . Sea levels have been rising faster than any other time in the last two thousand years. This increase could displace approximately 630 million people worldwide by 2100.

Let’s remember some of the extreme events recently:

  • Dozens of lives in parts of Europe and America Severe floods were seen, which caused the loss of billions of people and lost billions of dollars.
  • Rain instead of snow for the first time at the peak of the Greenland ice sheet.
  • In Canada and neighboring regions of the USA , the temperature rose to 54.4 degrees.
  • Rainfall that should have fallen in months in one part of China fell within saadollarser.
  • Agriculture, transportation and energy production were badly affected as the flow of river basins decreased in sub-tropical South America .
  • America’s, Australia and many countries have seen horrific forest fires .

Our planet is changing before our eyes. From the ocean depths to mountain peaks, from melting glaciers to extreme weather events, ecosystems and communities around the world are devastated.

That’s why we urgently need to raise awareness about risk management. Knowing that an extreme weather event, which happens once in 50 years, only happens once in 10 years, we should take precautions accordingly. Cities need to be designed accordingly. We saw how easily roofs and coatings fly off and damage in a storm; By paying attention to such structures, deaths and injuries that may be caused by them should be prevented. This is no joke, the climate crisis is a reality!

Sources: National Academies, EDF, BBC, Hürriyet Daily News

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