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Although the Ryzen 7000 series and socket AM5 are only a few months away, AMD continues to release new processors for the AM4 platform. The Ryzen 7 5700X, which was released on April 4, 2022, is one of them. So who is this processor for? Does it stand a chance when there is a competitor like the i5 12600K on the market? To answer all these questions clearly, we compare both processors extensively.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at both processors. Although both have 16 Threads, the 12600K has 10 physical cores. Ryzen 7 5700X has 8 physical cores. Since AMD sees the 12600K as a competitor to the 5700X, we compare it with this processor.

CPU Ryzen 7 5700X Core i5 12600K
Number of cores 8 6P + 4E
Thread count 16 16
Base frequency 3.4GHz 3.70 GHz + 2.80 GHz
Boost frequency 4.6GHz 4.90 GHz
L2 cache 4MB 9.5MB
TDP 65W 125W
Memory support (9800) 709)

DDR4-3200 DDR5 4800
PCIe support 4.0 5.0

We achieved the gaming performance of both systems with the same graphics card, memory, SSD and manufacturers’ own stock coolers. Windows 11 and updated BIOS, driver versions were used for both systems.

Let’s take a look at our test systems first:

(9800) 710)

System AMD Intel
CPU Ryzen 7 5700X Core i5-12600K

G.Skill F4-3600C14D-32GTESA

Graphics Card ASUS ROG STRIX RX 6600 XT Gaming
SSD Samsung 970 EVO Plus
PSU Cooler Master MWE 1250 Gold V2
Cooler Wraith Stealth Intel 12th Generation Stock Cooler

Here we specifically selected games with built-in benchmarking tool. In this way, we have completely eliminated the FPS differences that may arise from different maps. With

12600K and RX 6600 XT, it is possible to play Forza Horizon 5 with 70 FPS at the highest setting.
Gaming Resolution and Graphics Adjustment 5700X FPS 5700X CPU Temp 12600K FPS 12600K CPU Temp Difference
Cyberpunk 2077 1080p


Min. 40

Avg. 67

Max. 102

Avg. 75 Min. 43

Avg. 66

Max. 103

Avg. 81 -1.4%
Far Cry 6 1080p


Min. 72

Avg. 105

Max. 124

Avg. 70 Min. 100

Avg. 112

Max. 123

Avg. 82 6.6%
Forza Horizon 5 1080p


Min. 54

Avg. 67

Max. 84

Avg. 72 Min. 56

Avg. 70

Max. 86

Avg. 79 4.4%
Mount & Blade II Bannerlord 1080p

Very High

Min. 117

Avg. 170

Max. 224

Avg. 65 Min. 114

Avg. 171

Max. 224

Avg. 87 0.5%
Red Dead Redemption 2 1080p


Min. 36

Avg. 65

Max. 91

Avg. 70 Min. 38

Avg. 67

Max. 85

Avg. 81 3.0%
World of Tanks 1080p


Min. 500

Avg. 742

Max. 980

Avg. 70 Min. 516

Avg. 760

Max. 959

Avg. 75 2.4%
World of Tanks 1080p


Min. 83

Avg. 130

Max. 406

Avg. 65 Min. 85

Avg. 137

Max. 479

Avg. 76 5.3%
Total Difference 3%

Cinebench and Geekbench provide us with clear information on the raw performance of processors.

Test Ryzen 7 5700X Core i5-12600K Difference %
CineBench R23 1T 1522 1913 25.6%
CineBench R23 nT 13191 17219 30.5%
GeekBench 5 1T 1651 1930 16.8%
GeekBench 5 nt 10093 12181 20.6%
Total Difference 23.38%

Memory performance with AIDA64 We can measure precisely.

System Ryzen 7 5700X Core i5 12600K Difference
AIDA64 Memory Read 51405 MB/s 53710 MB/s 4.4%
AIDA64 Memory Write 28799 MB/s 53981 MB/s 87.4%
AIDA64 Memory Copy 48824 MB/s 55265 MB/s 13.1%
AIDA64 Memory Latency 58.8ns 55ns -6.4%
Total Difference 24.63%

Ryzen 7 5700X in memory write test gives a somewhat low result.

Thanks to Blender and Handbrake, it is possible to measure both 3D rendering and video rendering performance.

Blender BMW CPU 03:08 02:30 -% 20.2
Blender Fishy Cat 00:26 00:23 -11.5%
HandBrake 5:44sec 4:43sec -17.7%
Total Difference -16.47%

Although currently 12th Gen vs Ryzen 5000 Although there are Intel processors, the main competitor of the Ryzen 5000 was the 11th Gen processors. It is a new platform that supports 12th Gen DDR4 and PCIe 5.0 and AMD’s answer will actually be the Ryzen 7000 series. When we look at the results in the light of all this information, it is an acceptable value for the Ryzen 5700X to fall behind in games by 3%. On the other hand, Intel’s number of cores and architectural advantage are evident in 3D rendering, video processing and memory performance.

So who is the Ryzen 7 5700X suitable for?

First of all, there are millions of users already on the AM4 platform. BIOS updates are out and are still coming, even for the X370 and even the A320 motherboards. If you are using a Ryzen 1000 series processor like me and your motherboard manufacturer has released a Ryzen 5000 compatible BIOS update, the Ryzen 7 5700X may be a very logical choice. Moreover, if your motherboard’s power supply and cooler are sufficient, you can close the 3% gaming performance difference and even go beyond. It is also possible to see that the Ryzen processor runs much cooler than Intel in tesdollarser.

Ryzen 7 5700X is currently on sale for 5350 Dollars. At the time of writing the article, it was possible to find 5800X for 5570 Dollars on the market. If you say you don’t want to deal with overclocking, you can also get the 5800X.

Ryzen 7 5700X?

If you’re going to collect your own and are in a hurry, then the 12th Gen might be a more sensible investment right now. The 12600K is currently available on the market for 5000 Dollars. It was even on sale at Trendyol for 4700 Dollars at the time of writing the article. With slightly better gaming performance, higher single and multi-core performance, PCIe 5.0 support and DDR5, the LGA1700 seems like a much more sensible investment. Considering that the platform will also support 13th Generation processors, it makes more sense to collect 12600K systems.

On the other hand, there can be serious discounts on ready-made Ryzen 5000 systems. If you do not need technologies such as DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, you can buy these systems at an affordable price.

On the other hand, it would be useful to put an annotation here as well. Users who will collect a new system can also wait for the AM5 platform if they are not in a hurry. Of course, we should also warn that prices will not remain stable during this period due to the exchange rate.

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