Electric transformation in the automotive world continues at full speed. Both newcomers to the industry and who wrote the rules of the automotive industry giants produce vehicles with hybrid and direct electric motors instead of internal combustion engines. However, this situation some new problems leads.

The biggest problems of electric motor vehicles are, as you can imagine, lack of charging stations. All countries have been working feverishly in order to increase the number of stations that allow the charging of electric motor vehicles, which are becoming increasingly widespread. In this context; one of the companies focused on the issue in question, Vestel. The company has been working to develop electric charging stations for a while. Now about this a very important development happened.

Vestel will export electric charging stations to Germany:

Vestel has given importance to electric charging stations, especially in the last few years. Even some charging stations that the company has launched already in use. The latest development reveals that Vestel has taken a new step in this regard. So, Vestel will export electric charging station to Germany.

According to the information received, Vestel is in homes and roads across Germany. with 28 thousand charging stations signed a giant export agreement with E. ON. According to this agreement, Vestel will send electric charging stations to Germany. E. ON will also expand its presence in Germany with these charging stations.

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