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Playing games was not this complicated and challenging in the past, going to the internet cafe and going “brother can you open GTA for me”

After saying , we were throwing bazookas to the right and left of the city. With the development of the gaming industry, the concept of esports and the emergence of a more competitive environment also affected the course of the games in this direction. Games such as LoL and CS have replaced GTA in internet cafes, and it may not be so easy to keep up with this change. This is the reason why we scatter the keyboard and monitor after we come home and enter the game to clear the head.

Playing and enjoying the game now necessitates knowing certain tactics.Valorant,PUBG orPUBG: Mobile or League of Legends

The information we will provide from the games is important for you to improve your game and will give you peace of mind for a long time as it can be applied to the games in general.

A new but familiar face: Valorant

  • Pre-aiming your aim where the enemy may be and preparing your ground for the enemy to come out will take you one step ahead.
  • Try to adjust your angles so that there is only one enemy in front of you. Opening up to 2 locations at once will make you easy fodder for enemy crossfire.
  • Also known as “Strafe”, you must make your right-left movement synchronously and shoot out of your hiding place, waiting for the effect of your movement on the bullet hit to pass.
  • Wait for the recoil of the gun to reset while firing bursts (2, 3, 3) at medium and long distances.
  • Try to spend your bullets sparingly and avoid unnecessary reloads.

Regardless of whether you are attacking or defending on the roads where you may encounter enemies, you should be careful not to be caught by 2 different enemies that may kill you at the same time, and to move forward by clearing the possible positions of the enemies while advancing step by step. Sight-blocking abilities like fog to close the angles of your enemies, andto make enemies leave their positions must use caustic abilities.

Mouse and keyboard coordination is very important in FPS games, so your actions in the game should come naturally to you, you need to find the sensitivity that suits you and get used to it. In most FPS games, shooting while moving will negatively affect your accuracy, so you need to make sure your speed is zero before you shoot. Without wasting time trying to stop for a hit, grab your hand as you head to the left. Pulling from the A key and momentarily pressing and pulling the D key (the opposite if you are going to the right) you can reset your speed and increase your hit rate.

Remember that each reload leaves you vulnerable to threats for a few seconds. You can also use this knowledge to mislead your enemies:After pressing the magazine change button You can cancel the change by quickly returning to your weapon, you can take them by surprise when your enemy thinks you are changing the magazine.

Batdollarse Royale legend of years PUBG and PUBG Mobile:

  • Define your game style; If you trust your aim, don’t hesitate to fight and take advantage of your aim in crowded areas with high loot.
  • If this is not the case, choosing places where fewer people are rated and acting with gas will bring you closer to winning.
  • Be careful not to stay without energy drinks and painkillers.
  • Sometimes it is as important not to loodol as it is to loodol.
  • Do not exit the same corner twice.
  • Do not force when you are disadvantaged.

When you enter PUBG, knowing in advance how to play and planning accordingly will save you in cases where you have to make a quick decision.When you are mentally preparedyou can anticipate what you might encounter.

If you are playing with a high risk-high profit view, your consecutive death should not affect your motivation, in the same way, if you prefer to play more safely and carefully, you should not change your position for a while or compared to your opponents. to carry less loot shouldn’t get you down. Discovering the most suitable game style for you will both provide a game experience that you enjoy more and contribute to your development.

When you enter a conflict, think about the situation you are in in the back of your mind,query whether you are advantaged and plan how you can keep that advantage on your side. Don’t be an easy prey by showing your cats from the same places one after the other and surprise your opponent.

Before loodoling the players you kill, make sure your surroundings are safe and stay as mobile as possible to reduce your chances of getting hit; Do not stand, lean, or lie down. This applies to any time you are shot at,staying still is an invitation to death. Zigzagging while running will make it harder for your opponent to hit you.

It may not always work to attack the opponent or find a suitable time to attack, sometimes running away is the best solution. After all, Batdollarse Royale is an important game in games.not winning a battle or collecting “kills”, survive! Unless your goal is to just kill opponents and satisfy yourself. Therefore, if you can’t think of anything you can do, it may be the best solution to step back and re-evaluate the situation.

League of Legends, indispensable for those who love the MOBA genre:

  • Learn about champions and find out which champion you can face against your opponent in the lane, you can have more advantage.
  • Know the features of most champions, especially the champions of the role you play, and improve your ken by playing 4-5 of them constantly.
  • Keep an eye out, go to the minimap from time to time and prowl the area using e and totems to check for possible raid routes.
  • Even if you can’t control the map as a team, try to take it in your own region.
  • According to your team’s plan, you can choose champions who work in team battles, do not lose their power at the end of the game, or champions that you can dominate at the beginning of the game.
  • Time your skills well, watch your opponent’s moves and wait for them to make mistakes.

Champion selection may be the first point to be considered in such games. Choosing a champion that will contribute to your team’s composition and have an advantage over your opponent can be the key to winning. At the beginning of the game in accordance with your team’s strategy a champion to dominate the opponent or picking a champion that hasn’t lost power at the end of the game will make a big difference.

When you play alone, it can become very difficult to communicate with your team, it is not possible to strategize as a team in every match. picking a champion or playing the game with your friends may be beneficial.

Knowing the characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and abilities of the champion you will play means that you can take advantage of or avoid them, in the same way, knowing the champions of the opponent allows you to take advantage of their weaknesses. correct timing andwith correct skill usage being aggressive when necessary can kill your opponent or make them passive under the tower.

One of the most important places in MOBA games is the area with the small map, just like if you look in the rear view mirror from time to time while driving and check what’s going on behind you, you can also play games like LoL and DotA.seeing what’s going on outside your hallway will give you an advantage.

The totems you and your team place on the map will provide visibility and make it easier for you to take control of the map. This will minimize your encountering unexpected surprises or raids. In fact, when necessary, to go to the corridors to help orknowing your opponent’s location can even get you an easy kill.

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