Introduced about 2 months ago and new information emerges every day, Windows 11 is already loved by some users, while others he hates has already become an operating system. In Windows 11, which is offered to users with developer versions and beta versions published by Microsoft, some features missing on the other hand, that users ” to rebel” caused.

A post shared on the Windows 11 forum on Reddit almost translates the feelings of the users. In the headline by a Reddit user, the user shared the features he wanted to have in Windows 11, and other users wrote their own ideas and explained the shortcomings of Windows 11 revealed.

What should be in Windows 11 according to users

koken-halliwell” listed the features that are useful for many users and should be, and why they should be. These features are;

  • Opening files by dragging them onto applications in the start bar “ I don’t know what they were thinking when they removed it. Upgrading to Windows 11 on my current work computer that’s my reason.
  • Move the start bar to where we want it “ I personally use it on the right side.
  • Tagsdollarseries hide only when startbar is full “ To be able to work effectively, I need to see the files’ tagline and their names. In addition, users who want to see the taggeddollar series not applicable.
  • New ‘ System Requirements“removal” From my laptop that does not support Windows 11, I can’t see Windows 11 from Windows 10 much more performance I found it working. Everyone gets a new computer just because Microsoft wants it. may not receive it.
  • Folders in the start menu
  • Reopening the running application with Shift+click
  • Widgedollarsar arrives where we can group applications
  • Openable folder to start bar stabledollarseme
  • Create an offline account
  • Improvement of Cortana
  • Changing default apps
  • A more advanced task manager
  • More customization
  • Easier setting of default apps

Users who shared many more suggestions like these said that if these features were added, Windows 11 could be the best version of Windows ever.

Because Windows 11 is still not fully released, some of these features are can be removed completely some can be added back. Many Windows 11 users like Microsoft’s to consider them wants.

What features do you want or dislike in Windows 11? Do not forget to indicate your ideas in the comments.

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