The one that brought the pandemic into our lives and caused us to make radical changes in our lifestyle. corona virus studies are continuing at full speed to find its origin. United Statesdollars series president Joe Biden also asked the US intelligence to conduct a study in order to find the origin of the virus. Now, US intelligence agencies have shared some of the report they prepared on the subject with the public.

According to this shared report, intelligence agencies still have not come to a common conclusion. Among them, although in small numbers, the virus those who do not believe that it is transmitted from animal to human exists. In addition, an agency, according to the report, that the first human infection began in the laboratory is moderately convinced. Let’s take a look at the statements that include China.

China’s non-participation in the studies is the biggest obstacle in research on the origin of COVID-19:

for the preparation of this report. 90 days reviews were made throughout. In the report presented to Biden at the end of these investigations, 4 members of the U.S. Intelligence Community did not believe that the virus was transmitted from animal to human. do not believe was seen. A fifth agency said the first human infection started in the lab. moderately convinced was specified.

In the report, none of the agencies said that the virus in question that it was developed as a biological weapon do not believe highlighted.

Apart from that, Biden said in his statements China’s is the reason why it does not fully cooperate in the studies on the origin of the virus. the biggest obstacle it said.

The effect of the virus continues both in our country and in the world. Although we are not closed to homes as in the beginning of the pandemic, with the use of masks and the acceleration of vaccinations, that we are not at the right time to relax is on.

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