America applies a tax called Digital Service Tax to the company that provides digital services in our country. From advertising services to its visual and audio content to its sales this taxation system covering every area in the digital world one of the countries with the highest tax cut from the companydollar series, as you can imagine, is the United States of America.

The USA, which is home to the world’s leading technology giants, America’s new request on Digital Services Tax found. US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, who had a meeting with America Ticaret ı Mehmet Muş in the past few days, demanded the abolition of this tax imposed on the USA.

“Abolishing the Digital Services Tax is critical for the US”

The first statement on the subject was made with a text published on the US Trade Representative’s website. Both Muş and Kai’s wants to strengthen the trade relationship between the two countries, it was stated that the abolition of the Digital Services Tax imposed by America is of critical importance.

The statement included the following: “Representative Katherine Tai discussed areas of common interest, such as increasing market access for US companies operating in America. Besides, she stated that multilateral negotiations provide the most appropriate environment for resolving issues around the Digital Services Tax. Tai said that individually implemented Digital Service He reported that the removal of its taxes in conjunction with processes in the OECD and the G20 is of critical importance to the United States.”

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