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When you’re new to traffic, it’s normal to start asking questions like “Why did this man honk at me now, why did he turn the flashlight out of nowhere? “. Because until then, we only learned the written rules in traffic, now it’s time for the unwritten rules…

These rules are frequently applied, especially by drivers living in metropolitan cities. As the traffic boils , brand new new rules are learned and it is understood how wide this unwritten rule is as your experience increases. Cool, those movements that seem pointless at first, you learn that the warnings actually mean something to each of them. Here are those rules:

You need to know the frequently used selector language. Making you a single selector has a meaning like “Come in, I’m giving way”.

Double selector contains a meaning like “What’s up bro, be awake”. If anyone makes a long-term, consecutive selector, the main avrat has just cursed, continue on the road without getting infected e.

The short-term selector when traveling between cities means “there is a turn/radar ahead, let me be warned”.

It is one of the best examples of solidarity between drivers .

The reason why the vehicle coming in front of you at night suddenly opens the long lines when it approaches you is because it wants to say “close the long ones, it’s taking my eyes off”.

It says “So that’s it” and allows you to establish a beautiful empathy .

There is a similar language in horn as in lights. If the horn is pressed too short, it means “thank you for giving way”.

If you press for a long time , you got up late at the traffic lights, it means a warning. Long press , you have made a frustrating mistake. You can eat all kinds of swearing, you will be exposed to the opposite gaze. Well, you deserved it after all.

If you are faced with a vehicle in a narrow street in saadollarser where it is dark, you should turn off your headlights so that the backing driver is not disturbed.

If you are given a way , you should give your nod .

If you are faced with a vehicle on a slope, the descending vehicle must give way to the ascending vehicle.

With some vehicles you shouldn’t get into an argument at all. Minibuses, taxis, mobiledollarser, bird series, earthmoving truck take the lead.

It cannot be said that they obey the traffic rules very much.

The wipers are removed to leave a message to the driver of the vehicles you see incorrectly parked.

Politely , without offending.

When you get the car behind you in trouble, you should apologize in quadruplets.

In the same way, if the road gets blocked while you are speeding on the highway, you will give a four-dollar warning to the one coming from behind .

Anyone who tries to buffer on the highway will give way.

Don’t be stubborn and don’t tell me to hit the brakes .

If the headlights of the car in front of you or next to you are turned off, you should make headlights with your hand.

Turning the left signal of the vehicle in front on and off in the blind spot means “road clear, turn left”.

There are no switches in traffic, this is a written rule. The unwritten rule is to continue by maintaining your speed and lane when you see that this violation has been committed.

Otherwise, accident probability increases.

While keeping the following distance from the vehicle in front of you, you need to keep your speed constant, even slow down a little when a vehicle tries to overtake you while driving on the two-way highway.

Just in case if a vehicle comes from the opposite direction , it will have to enter the space between you and the vehicle in front.

If you are the first vehicle to overtake the heavy vehicle in the queue caused by the heavy vehicle in front on the two-way highway, if the road is suitable, instead of immediately turning to the right, continue in the left lane for a while so that the other vehicles in the queue can easily overtake the heavy vehicle.

In this way, the traffic flow on that road starts to flow more comfortably .

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