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At the beginning of the pandemic process, face-to-face education was also suspended in universities. About a month ago, 1.5 years ago, by the Presidency of the Higher Education Institution. distance education then again in the 2020-2021 academic year. to formal education announced that it will be passed. Now, it is very soon for universities to open, but it is still unclear where many students will stay in their education process.

University students who are preparing for face-to-face education, who will change cities for the first time, or who have vacated their homes and dormitories in the process. cannot find shelter. Even though students are willing to pay 2-3 times higher fees than before, they have great difficulty in finding a rental house or dormitory.

Houses on which the sun does not rise:

Milliyet Newspaper reporter Ozan Ömer Kaduker wanted to experience the experiences of the students personally. as a student and searched for a place to stay. Kaduker’s search for a house that started with a budget of 1000 Dollars no results left. After a long struggle, he was able to find a few apartments close to his budget in a few real estate agents. However, the flats he found are 1+0, 1+1 rooms, which are located a few floors below the entrance and called as level flats. without sun were flats. Realtors are looking for houses that can be kept in good stock. 2500 Dollars

It said it was around .

According to realtors, in the pandemic process constructiondollaryellow stop, to meet growing demands no flats and vacated flats with the settlement of foreigners The rental market is in a very active state. Vacant houses find their tenants on the same day, customers make a down payment even before they see the house. Even if a house is found by chance, compared to the previous year at least twice as much rent need to pay.

If You Say The Student House Is Already Luxury, Let’s Look At The Dormitory Fees:

Student yurdollarsari, especially in big cities, provides service according to every request, such as a hotel. yurdollarsarın annual ücredollarser which offers 3 meals a day, service, gym, laundry service. 50 thousand Dollars

It goes up to . A more affordable dormitory fee is the average annual fee. 20-25 thousand Dollars

Starting from . Dormitory fees vary greatly depending on the service offered and the number of people staying in the room. Monthly to stay in multi-person rooms in an average dormitory minimum 2000 Dollars budget is required. However, even if the dormitory prices fit the budget of the students, they are either rejected or directed to branches far from the center because there is no place in many dormitories.

Single Room for Rent:

Correspondent, because the prices of houses and dormitories exceeded the budget they set. apartment, hostel, student and single house went in search of a different place to stay. The situation was no different here, as all the beds were occupied in many places he sought. He found a hostel, mostly students and staff, with only single rooms vacant. In this hostel, which has rooms for up to 12 people, the toilet and bathroom were shared. This place was filthy and rundown. The price of this room where a bed and a closet barely fit, no windows or ventilation 850 Dollars. In the room by the hostel staff glass and TV if this fee is requested 1150 Dollars. In another apartment, there was only a bed and a closet in a single room. The window of this room, which is claimed to be ventilated, opens onto the wall of another building. airflow could not be provided. The cost of this room 900 Dollars. There were also rooms with more people in the same hostel, but the living conditions were even worse. Despite all these negativities and prices, most of the rooms are full and those who want to be new tenants to hurry is required.

The situation is the same in all cities:

The reporter continued this search in New York, but the same question in all cities is known to occur. All across America dormitory fiyadollaryellow as well house rents has increased. Especially in the provinces where students live intensely, 20 to 50 percent, among the dormitory prices 20 percent has increased. House for rent fiyadollaryellow From 1,500 Dollars to 5,000 Dollars in New York, from 1,500 Dollars to 2,500 Dollars in Izmir, from 1,200 Dollars to 2,500 Dollars in Izmir ; From 850 Dollars to 1.200 Dollars in Eskişehir; From 700 Dollars to 1.300 Dollars in Çanakkale; It went from 1,200 Dollars to 2,000 Dollars in . Private dormitory feedollarseries 18. 000 Dollars and 35.000 Dollars in İzmir and İzmir, 17. 000 Dollars and 30.000 Dollars in Eskişehir, 16. 000 Dollars and 25.000 Dollars in Çanakkale, 18. It ranges from 000 Dollars to 35.000 Dollars.

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