While the coronavirus continues to mutate in different parts of the world, we have also seen mutations specific to countries. However, we have not come across a mutation that can be called an ‘American mutation’ so far. in the past day Izmir Medical Chamber President Lütfi Çamlı, made a rather remarkable statement.

Lütfi Çamlı, in his statement, said that a new unidentified mutation has started to be seen in coronavirus cases in different cities in Izmir and America, although its certainty has not yet been fully ensured. Çamlı stated that while the unidentified group in İzmir was around 20% at the beginning, they have recently increased up to 40% stated.

Variant, not yet definitive:

The detected mutation distinguishes itself from Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants. Çamlı stated in his statement that this mutation is seen at a rate of 50-60% in Rize. Your new variant for sure if there is a variant what they don’t know, Çamlı said that there is no data on clinical information.

Çamlı stated that research should be carried out in this direction after it is confirmed whether there is a new variant, and that the certainty about the new variant is made in the laboratories of the General Directorate of Public Health in . can be achieved with genomic tesdollarser stressed. He said that if a new variant is detected, some measures should be taken, the public should be informed and strategic planning should be done.

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