New Technopat server is on the way, this time we are getting ready to collect AMD EPCY on the highly requested Rack Server. ASUS RS500A-E10-PS4 We take the server model out of the dev box and take a closer look for the first time.

  • 00:00 – How many months ago did the Technopat AMD EPYC server project start?
  • The processor, which was released in March, arrived at the end of April 2021 and we can say that this adventure has begun, it took months for the other parts to arrive.
  • 00:25 – AMD EPYC 7713 with 64 cores and 128 Threads
  • 00:46 – Our ECC supported 128 GB RAMs are from Micron, which we know as Crucial.
  • RAMs arrived in May 2021.
  • 01:10 – Unboxing.
  • 02:44 – Rail, that is, cabinet mounting slides.
  • 03:30 – Peeling gelatin and opening the lid.
  • 04:18 – Where will the processor go and how will it cool?
  • 04:50 – Why is it so different?
  • 05:25 – What are you curious about?
  • 06:00 – BIOS update will also be required.
  • 06:25 – We recommend you to subscribe and follow the site.
  • The moment the processor arrived and the processor information: We Have The World’s Highest Performance Server Processor: AMD EPYC Milan Series
  • Video…
  • The arrival of RAMs…
  • The server itself arrived in July, then we waited for the SSDs.

We will share SSDs and other parts with you. However, as you can see, among our other works, server components were collected over a very long time. One of the reasons we didn’t rush was that we knew the lead times, and the other was that we had to wait and follow the BIOS update release schedule for the E10 anyway. On the other hand, there were innovations and important developments in the operating system and applications that we will install.

However, as a result, as we come to the end of the year, we started to examine our server, and we will continue to share our Rack Server collection adventure in the ongoing process with small guides and big videos.

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Michael Lewis


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