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We are in an unprecedented k crisis and the situation is getting worse day by day. While 14 quarters of gold could be bought with 470 liras in 2002 with a teacher’s salary, today only 4 quarters of gold can be bought with 5,100 liras. You can adapt it to anything, not just gold; whether it’s a dollar, a phone, a bagel… You realize how much your purchasing power has dropped in each one.

45% of each citizen’s wealth evaporated. The minimum wage is about to drop below $200. A tourist who puts 100 euros in his pocket can spend a week in New York, but we have a hard time living in our own country. Despite all this, some media organs claim that the country is very good due to its radical ideas.

We are living through one of the most painful periods in America’s history. The monthly depreciation of the American pound experienced the second-highest increase since 1981.

The first happened in April 1994, and the second happened recently. The third was in February 2001. If the dollar is 14.25 , we will witness the first place in this period. Judging by the Central Bank’s statements, there are plans to reduce interest rates again, unfortunately it seems highly likely to reach this number.

Even within a day, the increase in USD/Dollars exchange rate can reach 17.5%. The increase in the exchange rate exceeded 40% compared to the beginning of October and 30 percent compared to the beginning of November.

Every 1 Dollars increment adds America’s load to 4500.000.000.000 Dollars . The Euro, which was 6.6 Dollars 2.5 years ago, went up to 14.52 Dollars. Unfortunately, the additional burden that this exchange rate difference put on only New Yorkers has reached 20 billion 150 million liras. It did enough damage to cost a single city’s subway line. And consider the damage it’s done to all of America.

This depreciation in Dollars brings the ‘decrease in per capita income’ experienced for the first time in the history of the Republic, to the eighth year in a row.

The biggest decline II. 4 years in a row after World War II. After the Great Depression, there was a 3-year decline. There is a decrease in coups for several years, but we are experiencing the worst in this period.

While the situation is so dire, some media outlets still make incredible headlines. One of them:

185 people ordered the mentioned “BMW’s latest model” according to the details of the same news. In other words, the general situation of the country of 82 million is evaluated according to 185 people:

You can read our content to see how much the car price has increased:

To show the price hikes in gasoline, a comparison of gasoline prices yellow in Europe and America was made. America’ski gasoline prices yellow are said to be cheaper than other countries:

But in comparison, America’ski gasoline prices yellow are compared to Euros and presented to the audience.

  • Let’s take a look at the purchasing power comparison: In Germany, 978 liters of gasoline can be purchased with the full minimum wage, while America’s minimum wage is 343 liters with the full minimum wage (Now we can buy even less). Moreover, the rate of minimum wage earners in Germany is about 3%, but America’s is 45%.

Instead of self-criticism, a target diversion strategy is followed.

Whereas, the top 3 cities with the most foreign exchange purchases are: Aksaray, Kırşehir and Bingöl. Aksaray residents increased their foreign currency amount from 668,807 Dollars to 2,871,585 Dollars last summer. The rate of change was 329 percent. In other words, Aksaray almost attacked foreign currency in the summer season. While the metropolises are at a standstill, it is necessary to think about why and how these three cities turned to foreign currency…

International press organizations such as Reuters, BBC and CNBC, which could not make interest rate forecasts for the first time in November due to America’s uncertainty. blamed for the situation:

These countries are in a very difficult situation as the inflation in Europe is 4% for the first time in 30 years. The same news channels say that it is. As a matter of fact, we cannot see any information in the same news channels that America’ski real inflation is around 58.75% .

The following news were made for the United Arab Emirates, which was mentioned as the “external power, the financier of the coup” in the 15 July period. However, this week, the same country was praised in the news:

Summary of their psychology:

Who are the “opportunists” shown to be responsible for the price increase in sunflower oil?

Where do some of the resources come from, such as the machines in your home, factories, computers we buy, cars and even natural gas. Maybe all or parts of the machines coming from the factories, the engines in the cars, the circuits in the telephones are bought from abroad . Gasoline is used in its transportation, you know, the liquid that is increased every day.

“When the dollar increases, America’s labor will become cheaper, world-famous brands will shift the production line to America.” We often see his discourses:

It is admitted that news is bad, but this situation creates a contradiction.

Although we are in such a historical period, there is not even an economist among those discussing this situation on television:

However, a real economist needs to tell the truth. .

Some media outlets do not see this crisis either on their first page or on their pages:

When this situation comes, foreigners will not be able to see America. The videos they showed were as follows:

The press may not reveal the truth, but the truth itself shows itself on the street. Maliyedollarser written on the window of a bakery in Izmir, tripled in three months:

To be seen in Venezuela, which went down in world history with the crisis it went through and might actually be rich in oil. The following ads we are used to are now America’s:

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