Teenage Engineering, a Swedish company known for its wireless audio hardware and synthesizers, has released the computer-1, a minimalist mini-ITX aluminum chassis that now ships unassembled.

From the outside, this case can attract everyone’s attention with its orange powder coat finish. The chrome handles used help you easily move the case from one place to another.

Teenage Engineering’s design is a bit unorthodox. Measuring 170x190x322 mm in size including handles, the compact case is designed to take up little space on your desk and make room for other things. However, according to its small size, you can install a complete system inside the case. For example, it is possible to install 2-slot GPUs up to 180mm long, CPU coolers up to 120mm high, and SFX PSUs to computer-1.

We mentioned that the case comes completely disassembled. For this reason, when enthusiasts build their own systems, they must first start with the case itself. The installation kit comes with an illustrated guide showing how to assemble the chassis and where to bend the aluminum panels.

The company claims that it designed this case because it couldn’t find a case that met its own production standards on the product page. computer-1 computer case is on sale for 195 euros and is currently out of stock.

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Michael Lewis


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