Canonical released Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS versions optimized for Intel IoT devices. The processors supported by these optimized images are Intel Atom X6000E Series, Intel Pentium, Celeron N and J Series, and Intel 11th Gen Intel Core.

With the two companies collaborating, developers and businesses will benefit from more reliable and long-lasting devices with Canonical’s 10-year commercial support offer. Optimized images will improve real-time performance, manageability, security and functional security. In addition, users will be supported to be more productive with improved CPU and graphics performance.

John Healy, VP of Platform Management and Customer Engineering, Intel IOTG said:

“In addition to solving the unique needs of our IoT customers on a free-to-use, verified Linux, our collaboration with Canonical gives customers access to enterprise support in a long-term supported release should they want to deploy their solutions. This addresses the traditional challenges of maintaining and supporting customized builds for verified Linux-based distributions. ”

You can access a special page that Canonical has opened for you to download Ubuntu for Intel IoT platforms here.

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Michael Lewis


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