Recently, cryptocurrencies and NFT

With the ‘s becoming popular, the games in which you can earn crypto money or NFT type items as you play in the game world began to come to the fore more. This situation inevitably attracted the attention of the giant game company. And one of the first game company series to make an official statement on this subject. Ubisoft happened.

According to the news shared by PC Gamer, the France-based game company, NFT and blockchain games announced that it is a development intent. Company executives brought up the topic of blockchain games several times, both in the earnings report and during the meeting last week when the company’s second-quarter earnings were announced. ubisoft, crypto game company Animoca Brands was one of the companies that invested the most in the investment tour, which collected $ 65 million. However, since 2018 the company Strategic Innovation Lab dealing with blockchain technology and also Blockchain Gaming Alliance

Founding member of (Blockchain Gaming Association).

CEO of French gaming company Yves Guillemot, via IBTimes during the earnings meeting, “ This industry is changing regularly with many new revolutions taking place. We see the blockchain as one of these revolutions. This will mean more ‘play to win’ which will allow more players to earn and own content and we think this will grow the industry considerably. ” made a statement.

Besides these crypto games is one of the most controversial topics in the video game industry in recent times. Steam, while strictly banning all games involving NFT or cryptocurrencies in the past month Epic Games

Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games Store, signaling that they want to fill the gap in this area by announcing that NFTs are allowed. However, it is still too early to speculate on what Ubisoft’s contributions will be to crypto games, whether it will include NFTs in the prize structure of open world games, or whether it will develop entirely new blockchain games.

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