Users will no longer have to tap an Instagram link on Twitter to see what it is. Twitter has finally started offering preview cards for Instagram links on its official apps and on the web. Now if someone shares an Instagram post, you’ll be able to see a thumbnail of the image you can expect when you tap that link. So, you can tell if a photo is worth liking without leaving your Twitter timeline.

The move puts an end to a long-standing feud. Instagram’s Twitter photo integration disappeared in 2012, and neither social network has since opted to use preview cards. Twitter blocked Instagram from using its API to allow people to find Twitter friends on Instagram, and then Instagram retaliated by preventing Twitter from embedding Instagram posts into tweets when users shared an Instagram link. While Twitter prefers to post photos directly to its service, Instagram has motivations to keep you using its platform whenever possible.

Fortunately, eventually, users will now be able to see what Instagram links are on Twitter, and the need to click to see the content will no longer be required.

In the meantime, let’s note that the tip feature with Bitcoin has been added to Twitter.

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Michael Lewis


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