Twitch app is available for free download for Nintendo Switch handheld game console owners. The app has the familiar Home tab, a Browse tab to search for streams by game or category, and a Search box. On the other hand, it should be noted that the application is only for watching streams and you cannot use the application to broadcast your game.

The Twitch experience for Switch is a bit more limited than you might be used to from the Twitch website or app. The biggest change is that you won’t be able to see a streaming chat on your Switch’s screen or TV screen.

If you want to sign in to your account, luckily you won’t have to bother typing in your password using the Switch’s controls or touchscreen. You can scan a QR code on your smartphone or go to https://www. twitch. You can enter the eight-digit code displayed on your screen at tv/activate.

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Michael Lewis


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