One of the most remarkable innovations in these devices is MESH technology. As an example of this TP-Link’s dual-band RE315 range extender is an example. Being dual-band means that it can broadcast 867Mbit 5Ghz and 300Mbit 2.4Ghz networks at the same time.

More important than the speeds offered by RE315 is OneMesh, TP-Link’s own patented technology. The beauty of OneMesh technology is that when you roam around your house and connect from one device to another, it doesn’t make you realize it, so you always stay in the same network. Of course, in order to benefit from OneMesh technology, you must already have TP-Link’s OneMesh router installed in your home.


As external antennas are used, we can say that it is one click better than antennaless range extenders at receiving weak signals from your router. In addition, the LED with the WI-FI symbol on the device also gives you a clue as to whether your location is good or not. If you are too far from your router, this LED is red, if you are at the ideal distance, it turns white.


TP-Link offers us 3 ways for installation. Either from the Tether application you have installed on your smartphone or from the browser address line. tplinkrepeater. net

You can install by typing or by pressing the WPS key with the lock icon next to the product.

We installed it with the mobile application. When you scan the devices in range from within the application, RE315 is automatically found and the installation steps are started. The first of these steps is to create a password to access the device.

Afterwards, you are asked to select the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks that you want to increase the range, respectively. If you want, you can skip one of these and extend the range for a single band. Then you apply these settings and your range extender starts working.

At the end of the installation, “_2. It broadcasts two networks with the names “4GEXT” and “_5GEXT” added. Your password remains the same as the WI-FI network you want to extend.

When we look at the other features of the device, we also see a 100mbit speed RJ45 slot. I would like it to be Gigabit, but when I look at the price of the product, I don’t see it as a big problem. In order to keep the cost low, a 100 megabidollarsic cable network option was chosen here.

Tether App

You can set the OneMesh feature under the Tether application and activate the high speed mode. You can also see the location assistant, which gives you a hint of how far you should position the extender from the router.

One of the things that increases the functionality of this range extender is that it offers 2 different operating modes. In addition to the normal range extender, there is also an access point feature. This allows you to convert a wired network to wireless. Well now all service providers give wireless routers. But it’s still nice to know that the device you bought has such a function.

In Tether, we see WI-FI timing, WI-FI signal strength adjustment, turning off or timing the LEDs on the device. Such customizations are also important for users.

Result Evaluation

If you have a TP-Link router with One Mesh support, you can choose the RE315 range extender to increase the coverage of your wireless network. The 867Mbit 5Ghz band supports high quality video transmission. The location assistant, which you can use to find the socket point at the optimum distance from the router, also makes things much easier.

RE-315 has a price of about 350 Dollars. It is possible to find more suitable range extenders with 5Ghz support. OneMesh support is what Tp-Link offers to the user for a little more price. With this support, it is possible to extend the wireless range stably without changing the network.

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