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  • Design with a socket on it
  • No wireless internet support

Spreading the Internet to all rooms equally at home can often be a very difficult task. As it is known, while the regions and rooms around the modem can provide a relatively better internet access, the signal quality of the wireless connection towards the back rooms may decrease and consequently, interruptions in internet access may be encountered. One of the best solutions to this type of problem Mesh systems, in this review article and video we shared before, we explained to you how you can equip the house with mesh systems as they are internedollar.

Mesh systems are one of the nice solutions, but the prices of these devices may not be suitable for everyone. Another alternative method is to convert the power line to the internet line. Our TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT is a device that provides this.

TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT roughly converts the power line to the internet line. So how does it do that?

How TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT Works?

TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT is complicated and not difficult to install. On the contrary, you can install it quite simply. 2 socket adapters come out of the box. One of these Ethernet cable

You plug it into your modem with . You plug the other adapter into the power socket in the room where you want the internet to be. Then, you press the Pair button on each of the 2 adapters and the devices are connected to each other. That is all. But let’s give a hint: The adapter you install next to the modem and the adapter you install in the room where you want the internet to reach must be connected to the same electrical fuse. In other words, the sockets to which you connect these devices must be connected to the same fuse network. So the sockets must be connected to the common network. You can find this easily by checking the house fuse keys.

The device using the HomePlug AV2 standard is up to 300 meters can work on the power line smoothly. 1000 Mbps

The device, which has theoretical speed support, is of course limited to the Mbps value you see on your modem. Therefore, of course, it is necessary not to expect more from your infrastructure.

Let’s give the following important note about the features of the device: This device does not provide wireless network area. On you Gigabit Ethernet

Through the port, it can carry your modem’s network connection over the power line to another room. Thus, the device you connect to the Ethernet port of the second adapter can achieve network performance up to 1 Gigabit. Of course, you can get a wireless connection with a different adapter that you can connect to this port.

How is TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT Performance?

If we come to our nodes for the performance of the device, the internet infrastructure in the house we use 50 Mbps

Support up to . The modem is installed in the living room, and between the back room and the hall approx. 10 meter There is a corridor. When we do not attach this device, it is difficult to see the modem directly between the network connections, but when we connect this device, we see that we can still get up to 50 Mbps performance as if we were next to the modem. In this sense, the device does its job successfully.

If we come to the cosmetic side, yes, it may not be appreciated by some that it has a large socket appearance. With these worries in mind TP-Link also has models that do similar work but are more aesthetic in design. However, this device does not occupy a socket thanks to the fact that it has a socket on it. This is another advantage.


Considering as a conclusion TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT is an extremely practical solution instead of laying internet lines and running cables. You can extend the internet wing over the electricity line without the trouble of pulling cables. If you have this type of internet problem, it will be extremely useful. Of course, your power line also plays a big role. The fact that your line is not old and the lack of parazidollar is the key to performance.

Let’s say that one of the striking advantages of the device is its low power consumption. The device, which consumes maximum 2. 7W of power, consumes an average of 2.3W. In this sense, we can say that it is efficient.

Who Should Buy

TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT is a practical solution especially for those who cannot provide internet performance from the back rooms as they want.

TP-Link Dollars-PA701P KIT Technical Specifications
Product Model TP-Link Dollars-PA701P KIT
Product Type Network Adapter
CHIP Online Note 90
Manufacturer TP-Link
Company TP-Link (216) 548 11 32
Standard HomePlug AV2, HomePlug AV, IEEE 1901, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Connection Speed 1000 Mbps
Button Pair, reset
Boyudollarsar 58 x 42 x 95 mm
Technical Details
Power Consumption 2. 7W Range 300 meters



As an alternative to TP-Link Dollars-PA7017P KIT, you can also consider TP-Link Dollars-WPA7510 KIT as a similar solution.

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