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In our channel Webtekno Plus, where we examine and interpret technological products in detail for you, we have discussed Townew’s smart trash cans that almost reset the waste leather. we reviewed Displays the differences and conveniences of 3 different models., we have personally experienced it using our own office scraps.

As a result of our investigations, we found that owning a smart dustbin is a daily chore. much easier and cleaner can make it. If you say you can’t come to the smell or the texture of the garbage, let’s take you directly to the video.

The problem of odor and leakage is eliminated

We started with the Townew Air X to examine 3 different models of Townew with very minor differences. We filled all kinds of garbage accumulated in the ‘mindless garbage’ in our office into this trash can. Thanks to the automatic flap lid with sensor, we easily threw our waste into the box without touching the trash or dirt. But of course, automatic caps aren’t the only thing that makes these products smart. These trash cans have a mechanism that attaches its own bag and inserts a new one. Thanks to this mechanism, the outside of the bag is excluded. without touching anything you can throw your garbage out.

The attached garbage bag rings provide 25 automatic changing garbage bags. Thanks to the built-in thermoplastic sealing technology, you can save your garbage. no liquid leaking and no bad odor. When we come to Townew’s T1 and T Air Lite models, some minor changes welcome us. The T Air Lite does not have a cover, while the others have a sensor cover. The charging inputs, battery capacities and size of the products also differ.

AirX model, 13.5 liter has a garbage capacity. The model, which has a 2000 mAh battery, is charged from the Micro USB port. T Air Lite model 16.6 liter capacity, while its battery also carries a power of 2000 mAh. A Type-C charging cable is used for charging. Finally, the T1 model, 15.5 liter capacity owned. The trash can, which carries a 2200 mAh battery, is charged with a DC charger.

Townew smart trash cans pricesyellow:

  • Townew T1: 898 Dollars
  • Townew T Air Lite: 699 Dollars
  • Townew Air X: 959 Dollars

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