Some countries are taking drastic measures on the use of cryptocurrencies, which has caused a great disagreement all over the world. The Chinese government, which is making an intense effort to control cryptocurrencies, is one of these countries and it has been in the past months. banned the mining of cryptocurrencies.

A new statement about cryptocurrencies came from the country, one of the great powers of the Asian bloc. Bank of China (PBOC) Yin Youping, Deputy Director of the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau, issued a number of warnings to crypto money investors.

‘Cryptocurrency transactions are done with pure enthusiasm’

In his warning, ” We remind people once again that Bitcoin and other no value supporting cryptocurrencies. Yin Youping added that cryptocurrency transactions are done with ‘pure excitement’.

Yin Youping stated that the central bank puts high pressure on digital currency-related transactions and will continue to work to prevent these transactions. According to the news in People’s Daily Online, PBoC is trading cryptocurrencies. will intensify its efforts to block its platforms.

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