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I don’t know if you remember, we were all on our phones for a while. Talking Tom’

There was an application called . You know, a cat named Tom was repeating what you said by changing your voice. . . In fact, Talking Tom was a voice changer in its simplest form; but there are also many advanced voice changer programs where you can change your voice as you wish and with much more options.

There are voice changing programs that change your voice simultaneously depending on which suits you, or you can record your voice first and change it later. In this article, we have compiled the best 9 of these applications for you.

What are voice changers and what do they do?

on your voice as you wish allows you to play voice changing programs; It has many options from alien voices to robotic and cartoon voices, and your voice tons, frequency and height, it also helps you to change your voice manually by allowing you to play with aspects such as.

You can send voice changer programs to your friends and family in a small way. joke you can use it to make or use it while playing a game. to the character you play you can feel closer to yourself and enter more fashion. For example, let’s say you play a commander in the game. So using a more dominant and authoritative voice instead of an ordinary one can help you get into the character. Not to mention that it adds fun to your gaming experience.

Best voice changer software

  • Morph VOX Pro
  • Voicemod
  • Vocal Voice Changer
  • Clownfish
  • All-in-One Voice Changer
  • Adobe Audition
  • Voive Changer Plus
  • Accusonus
  • AV Voice Changer

MorphVOX Pro

  • Developed by Screaming Bee LLC

Morph VOX Pro on your voice thanks to the excellent technology noise canceling, improved sound quality and superior sound learning

You can make various modifications such as . The main services that Morph VOX Pro offers to you are:

  • A few free sound packs:

You can combine existing sounds with your own voice or with another voice.

  • Background sound effectdollarseries:

You can change the background sounds as you wish. E.g; By adding some horn sound in the background, you can fool your friends as if you are stuck in traffic.

  • Perfect voice changing algorithm:

This voice changer program ensures that no sound can be heard except your own, thanks to its ultra-quiet background sound deletion feature that silences all the sounds around you.

  • Online game optimization:

Your voice comes out just like the character you play in the game. Whether you want to play a majestic giant or a grumpy dwarf is up to you.


  • Developer: Voicemod S.L

One of the best voice changer software Voicemod

thanks Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak

many apps like and Fortnite, Among Us, Minecraft, CS: Go, Valorant, LoL in many more games concurrent you can somehow change your voice. Auto-tune

With the help of , you can make your gaming and chat experience much more enjoyable by making your voice similar to that of a singer.

also Soundboard lets you add custom sound effects to the right place at the right time. You can choose from existing effects or add your own sound file. Moreover, Voicelabs

using custom audio filters

You can even create your .

With Voicemod, an advanced and easy-to-use voice changer program, you can talk like a man or a woman, make robot voices, or be anything else you want. Another feature that makes Voicemod great is Audacity, Twitch, Elgato Stream DEck, Omegle is extremely compatible with sites such as.



  • Developer: NCH Software

If that’s what you’re looking for Sound customization with ease property, Voxal

We can say that is the application you are looking for. The free version of Voxal has many different features that you can use to change your voice. The app has many excellent sound settings where you can make your voice sound like the voice of a child, robot, alien and many more.

You can record your own voice through the application or use any of the existing voice recordings. Many people use this easy-to-use voice changer to protect their anonymous identities while playing games or broadcasting on any platform.


  • Developer: Clownfish

Windows who has proven that it is the best voice changer app for Clownfish includes all applications that contain microphones and record sounds on your device, as they are directly installed on the system. This too Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Viber, Steam and similar platforms means you can play with your voice however you want.

Clownfish offers a very wide list of sound effects from which you can choose. The most popular sound effects, which are frequently used by the majority, are as follows:

  • Alien
  • Robot
  • mutant
  • Clone
  • Male voice
  • Female voice
  • Baby voice

You can choose from the popular ones as well as benefit from the many different sound effects Clownfish offers. Apart from these Voice Assistant feature, you can convert written texts to speech and add sound effects to them.

All-in-One Voice Changer

  • Developer: AthTek Software

It has the same working principle. Skype Voice Changer can be called the updated version of the program. All-in-One, Yahoo Messenger and QQ International

It also allows you to connect with other platforms such as . In other words, All-in-One is a very user-friendly voice changer program especially developed for your online chat.

With All-in-one, a great program to prank your family and friends, you can make things funnier and more entertaining by suddenly changing your voice in the middle of a chat. With the All-in-One, you can play with the volume of your voice with a slide bar that you can slide right or left, and you can preview the sound you recorded with the All-in-One before archiving.

Let’s come to the All-in-One unfortunately toll is an app. Free trial option available; but you can only try one cat sound which is actually a bit frustrating. On the bright side, if you buy the program, you can’t find it in any other voice changer app. video modification

You can also access the feature.

Adobe Audition

  • Developer: Adobe

When it comes to satisfying customers Adobe never fails. Program developed by Adobe to change sound Adobe Audition allows you to manipulate your voice as you wish with its series of excellent sound effects. Thanks to this program, you can change the quality of your voice as you wish or make your voice resemble the voice of a character and use it while playing games or podcasting.

You can soften the atmosphere with an animation sound or add depth by using a thicker sound. The Effectdollarser tab shows all the effect possibilities you can use by layering. You can add loads of sound effects to a single sound file to make it perfect, up to 16. The main features you can use with Audition are as follows:

  • To be able to completely change the volume of the voice
  • Playing with the frequency of your voice thanks to the Vocal Enhancer effect
  • Adding echo effect
  • Making your voice sound as if it’s coming from a smoky bar or a judge’s room using the reverb effect
  • Playing with the notes of your voice using the Automatic Pitch Correction effect

Voice Changer Plus

  • Developed by Art Software Inc.

App Store

from iPhone, iPad and Mac One of the most unique features of this voice changer application that you can install on your devices is that you can even play your voice in reverse.

In this application you can record anything you want with one click. 55 you can choose the one you want among different sound effects and you can use a single sound file with different effects. The application also allows you to trim the audio file you have recorded using the voice change feature.

You can upload your previously recorded audio files to the application and apply a series of effects to these files. This way you don’t have to record a new sound every time.


  • Developer: Accusonus

You can turn your voice into the voice of any character you can imagine. , Windows and Mac platforms to create a powerful and creative environment.

Let’s say the content you produce requires different voices specific to more than one character. Thanks to Accusonus, which has many sound effects options from artificial intelligence to alien, baby and monster sounds, you can create these sounds or if you wish, with just a few clicks. your own sound effect.

You can create the effect you want with this voice changer app. Whether this effect is a cave effect or the background sound of a stadium; You can easily handle them with the help of Accusonus. Environment, effect and characters

You can create your own preset by playing with the settings.

AV Voice Changer

  • Developer: AVSoft Corp.

AV Voice Changer

With you can completely modify your voice; you can make it more feminine, young, old, deep or any other way you wish. You can create unique sound combinations that you can access at any time and modify them later if you wish.

Advanced technology of Av Voice Changer Skype, Discor, Twitch, Steam

with many VoIP programs such as and Valorant, CS: God, Apex Legends and allows you to connect with many more games. Voice Editor, Voice Morpher, Coive Recorder, File morpher, Voice Analyzer, Parody Mixer, Hotkey, Voice Comparator and many more features, the most popular features of AV Voice Changer are as follows:

  • Voice Morpher:

With this feature, you can completely change your voice with different sound qualities, sound beautification features and many other advanced settings.

  • Hotkey:

You can easily switch between sounds by specifying shortcut keys for different features and nicknames.

  • Nickvoices:

You can nickname more than 100 sounds and quickly switch between available presets thanks to shortcuts.

  • Parody Mixer:

With the Parody Mixer feature, you can create your own parodies, imitate other people’s voices or combine different parody sounds to create your own paroise.

The best 9 We have come to the end of our article in which we compiled the voice change program. You can use these programs to make your streaming and gaming experience even more unique, or you can use them to play a little prank on your loved ones.

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