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Minecraft world is an exciting place where anything can happen. As a sandbox building and survival game, players can tailor their gaming experience to their exact preferences. Some hardcore gamers create servers to allow other players to participate in their games, creating an enjoyable and unique experience for everyone.

For some servers, the focus is on one goal: survival. These servers often contain items from the horror genre such as zombies, lots of enemy gangs, and player versus player mechanics. These horror items add a new level of difficulty to the server experience, encouraging players to play harder and seek new and creative ways of victory.

Here are the 5 best horror hosts in Minecraft that you can join with your friends:

5. Scary Skies

Fear the heavens! In this exciting New Era Skyblock server, players join a medieval world of terror. With a host of special add-ons and unique features, Scary Skies takes Skyblock servers to a new level. Capture other players and risk dominating the sky or falling to the ground. The sky is the limit and how long you survive is up to you.

Great Details About This Server:

  • Priding itself on a fair and fun gaming experience for all players, Scary Skies offers a unique online store with balanced upgrades such as case keys and permed packs.
  • Featuring customized plugins and a variety of name tags to choose from, this server creates a unique experience and delightfully terrifying adventures.
  • A donation service to help protect the server provides great rewards, 1-on-1 game access, and other unique rewards. Become a bigger part of the server community and join a large group passionate about Skyblock PVP servers.
  • From daily and monthly rewards to special spells, players guarantee an enjoyable experience from the moment they join the server!

Server Details:

  • IP: scaryskies. mc-srv. com
  • Player limit: 100
  • Working time: 20.00%
  • Check out their website here!

4. TerrorGames

In this futuristic server, players can experience all the excitement of victory and the cold horrors of space. With a variety of game modes and a friendly staff watching the server, this community is perfect for fans of both science fiction and horror genres. Will you hold on to the cold outer space?

Great Details About This Server:

  • An exciting survival experience! The world is a terrible place and only the strong will see another day. Team up with other players or stand alone. The choice is yours.
  • Test your skills with an advanced PvP mode e. Players can take advantage of the original PvP, Skyblock, PvP, End PvP, and Nether PvP modes. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Players can enjoy a unique gaming experience in the form of Space Survival, a challenging survival mode for players who are desperately looking for a challenge.
  • It has a unique multilingual system currently available in English and Romanian, allowing players to choose their preferred language within the server.

Server Details:

  • IP: play. terrorgames. organ
  • Player limit: 250
  • Uptime: 95.00%
  • Check out their website here!

3. DeadMC

In this survival server, players can team up with other players to defeat the undead. Building wealth, strong defenses and weapons will increase a player’s chances of success, but only if you are strong enough to survive the terror every night.

Great Details About This Server:

  • Build your defenses and build cities where other players can join. Zombies fall more easily with hard work, and being a member of a team makes the task much easier.
  • Survive the undead prowling the night and stand up against anyone who challenges you. The rigid PvE game design allows the most competitive players to take control.
  • Frequent updates and improvements ensure players have the most enjoyable gaming experience.

Server Details:

  • IP: play. DeadMC. com
  • Player limit: 1,000
  • Working time: 100%
  • Check out their website here!

2. Minecraft Left2Die

The results are horrible on this server. Players can defeat the zombie apocalypse, making their way through an army of undead. With the ability to infect themselves, players should have extra caution when raiding for supplies. A wrong step can instantly result in death.

Great Details About This Server:

  • This challenging survival server has an exciting new feature: Infection! Infected players cannot access quarantined areas on the map, and untreated Infection will cause zombies.
  • Raid the nearby city for supplies and live to survive another day! Be careful with the Zombies who roam beyond the safety of the walls waiting for the right moment to attack.
  • Players can interact with the friendly staff to solve problems and get support during their time on the server. Become part of a growing community looking for enthusiastic participants and solid survivors.

Server Details:

  • IP: play. minecrafdollarseft2die. com
  • Player limit: 30
  • Uptime: 97.00%
  • Check out their website here!

1. NetheriteMC

In this Hell supplement to the Minecraft community, players can experience the horror of the Nether. With a respectful and welcoming community, this server can provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experiences available. Survival is a real challenge and only the strongest will endure. How long will you survive?

Great Details About This Server:

  • Take the EnderDragon in this infernal world. Is the mighty dragon eager to face him, but too worried that he can’t go to him alone? Team up with other players and experience a powerful game of your own.
  • Take part in exciting events and enjoy frequent updates! Frequent updates strive to provide the best possible playground for this server community.
  • With strict rules against raids, this server is perfect for those desperate for a PVP gaming experience without the risk of getting together.
  • Being a respectful and friendly community, this host prides itself on the strict care it takes to its members. Players can find new friends and experience a Minecraft server different from the others in this scary survival game.

Server Details:

  • IP: netheritemc. com
  • Player limit: 50
  • Uptime: 93.00%
  • Check out their website here!

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