Magic can be described as something fantastic and beyond human capacity. It is a concept that has fascinated people since ancient times. After all, magic is power. This idea is something that will never go out of style, so much so that meta-human abilities have become a staple of the video game landscape. It has infiltrated almost every species. The subject of this article is games that contain traditional magic powers, especially magic and magic rather than superpowers.

Here’s a compilation of games where developers really need to think outside the box to bring the magic into the game and make it feel a little less fake.

10) Lego Harry Potter Collection

Harry Potter is the first series that comes to mind when it comes to magic, and it already has a large catalog of games. Lego games have become a tribute to pop celebrity’s favorite icons, and this game is no exception. The collection includes both games of the series and manages to give the nostalgia right.

What the game seems lacking in terms of spells at first glance almost makes up for it with a surprising amount of playable characters, all of which manage to differentiate themselves in some way. Revisiting Hogwarts is an enjoyable experience that can be enhanced by the chaos that ensues during a shared game.

9) CodeSpells

CodeSpells is an indie game developed by ThoughtSTEM, LLC. In the game loop, it’s all about coding. This is a project that started out as a tool to teach kids coding and evolved into a good-willdollar magician simulator. The developers stuck to their ideas and created something completely unique. With CodeSpells, it’s possible to learn a marketable skill while finding innovative ways to express creativity.

Players should not worry about the lack of previous coding experience and delay this opportunity assuming that the learning aspect is somewhat amateurish and will be negatively impacted by the experience. The application of coding principles is seamlessly woven into magical feats.

8) Lichdom Batdollarsemage

Lichdom: Batdollarsemage by Xaviant and Maximum Games. The game takes the magical crafting approach as magic. While more and more magic-focused games have started to do this in recent years, Lichdom: Batdollarsemage takes a different dimension.

This first-person action RPG spoils the player for choice. There are literally thousands of spell combinations that can be crafted from materials recovered in the Batdollarsemage. However, for those who find the system a bit overwhelming at first, there is the option to cast smart spells that help streamline the player’s flow of the game.

7) Arx Fatalis

This may be the oldest game on the list. Arx Fatalis is a classic of the RPG genre and fondly remembered by everyone who played it. The first game from developer Arkane Studios with the Prey and Dishonored series.

The game uses the gesture system for the player to interact with the magic. What this means is that the computer mouse functions effectively like a wand, with the player casting different spells by drawing certain patterns with the cursor. This approach is not very different from the way magic is used in Okami.

6) In Verbis Virtus

In Verbis Virtus is an action RPG made by an independent studio called Indomitus Games. Its approach to the in-game magic system is another game that is unique in its creativity. The player must use their own voice to cast spells and find solutions to the problems that arise while crossing the mystical temple. Translated from Latin, the name of the game actually means “Virtue in Words”.

There is much to explore inside the ruined temple in In Verbis Virtus. An adventure full of challenging puzzles, tricky traps and fun bosses standing in the player’s path. The game is extremely immersive and truly magical.

5) Magicka 1 and 2

Magicka immerses the player in the world of Norse mythology and gives them all the tools they need to survive on the go. If the player wants to reach the end, they must adopt a ‘make up and learn’ attitude from here on out.

The main idea is simple. There are eight different elemental spells that can be combined. It can offer unique solutions to some situations or result in death. Games quickly become challenging, so using the same combination repeatedly is not recommended. Playing the episodes with a friend can benefit you. What makes the co-op mode even better is the humorous nature of these games. It’s really enjoyable to find some obscure jokes and humor sprinkled all over the world.

4) Mages Of Mystralia

Mages of Mystralia is an RPG dungeon game from Boelys Games. The game features a captivating cartoon art style that creates an appropriate sense of whimsy while simultaneously juxtaposing the potential devastation wrought by the player’s arsenal of magic.

The spell system in the game works according to the principles of crafting, which makes all spells customizable. Experimentation is the main factor of the game. Beyond that, the game has a simple storyline and isn’t particularly compelling, making it well-suited for someone who just wants to relax.

3) Spellbreak

Spellbreak is primarily comparable to Fortnite and Apex Legends, but gives a unique twist to the batdollarse royale genre. The developers at Proletariat, Inc offer a gloved magic experience where elemental magic is the name of the game. The player can use two of the six available magic gloves and combine the powers of the gloves for unique effectdollarser.

What sets this game apart from other batdollarse royale games is fluid freedom of movement thanks to the cartoon-like effectdollar series. Air combat feels like a modern Avatar: The Last Airbender game. Gone are the days of waiting for the spell to finish redirecting.

2) Noita

Noita is a roguelike from Nolla Games. The player takes control of a witch based on Finnish mythology who must battle between ever-changing locations and hordes of mythological creatures.

The unique feature of Noita is that every pixel is physically simulated, meaning everything from melting to freezing to total destruction and shattering can be interacted with. This feature makes every move the player makes quite heavy and tangible, while making everything after that much more memorable. It may not sound like much when explained, but by actually trying the game, it will convey what we want to tell better.

1) Wizard of Legends

Wizard of Legend is a challenging roguelike dungeon game that puts players through magical tests that keep them on the move. An important component of overcoming the aforementioned exams is precision movement and good reflexes. However, these alone may not be enough to overcome the difficulties. This is where the expanding spell system comes into play.

The player can equip arcana from six different items, mixing and matching them to create suitable special structures. This can range from an evasive playstyle where enemies are killed one by one, to an AoE-focused build that will destroy waves of enemies at once.

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