Action movie buffs have been around for a while, starring Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible 7

They are waiting for the movie . America’s movie, better known as Mission Impossible, will be released in many parts of the world on May 27, 2022, if there is no delay. In the statements made by the director of the film, Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise reveals what kind of training he went through for Mission Impossible 7.

According to the statements made by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible 7 the most risky part, Tom Cruise had a number of people who had to ride motorcycles in a volatile area. The director, who said that everyone in the set team was very afraid of this scene, said that with the intensive studies and the training Cruise received. that no negativity has been experienced states.

Tom Cruise risked his life to recreate the scene

Christopher McQuarrie explained that Tom Cruise went through extensive training before filming the scene in question. For only one scene, according to the director 500 parachutists who took adollama training star player, 13 thousand times has also done motosikledollarsi adollama. However, mentioning that the process is not over, McQuarrie said for a scene in Mission Impossible 8. you worry much more states.

Tom Cruise also made some statements about the action-packed scene. Experienced so far the most dangerous thing. that you have a dream and Mission Impossible 7 stated that this has happened.

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