Şirkedollarser makes various bonus payments and bonuses especially to its managers at the top. These payments usually do not attract much attention or create a sensation. Apple’s To Tim Cook the 10th year bonus is not like that at all.

Cook, who is the CEO of the American-based company, has fully completed his 10th year in the company. with a bonus of $750 millionkudollarsu. Cook, who sold the shares he gave due to the company’s 10th year in the company, earned many times more than his salary as CEO with the income he obtained from here.

revealed in SEC review:

market regulator in the USA. SEC

A statement by (Securities and Exchange Commission) revealed how Cook snatched a huge bonus from Apple. The company CEO received a fairly large payout as part of the deal when he took over Jobs’ seat in 2011.


In fact, Cook was rewarded with a huge amount of Apple stock for his 10th year with the company. Cook, who sold his shares immediately, earned $ 750 million. Made with Apple maximum amount

According to the agreement, approximately 2 million of these shares are held by Apple, which makes an amount close to 400 million dollars. The net amount in Cook’s pocket is $355 million.

Will keep earning:

Cook signed a new deal in 2020. According to this agreement in 2025famous manager will get new bonuses. Of course, these payments are not gratuitous, and Cook is shown as a name that brings a lot to Apple.

company board of directors “Bringing a unique focus and innovation to the CEO role”

Cook, who said , managed to increase the shares of the company and took Apple to the historical peak with $ 151.12. The firm’s market value has increased since Cook took office. 440% increase showed. Cook was also among the highest paid CEOs in the USA.

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