has become the most popular social media platform in recent years. TikTok, it can even cause people to lose their hair from time to time. The main reason for this is; Challenges with the name of the challenge or American language on the platform. Recently, he gave a challenge that put many people’s lives at risk. where people don’t go milk transport crates “Milk Crate Challenge” videos, which he tried to go over by placing them, were banned on TikTok after the reactions.

Users have shared numerous posts, tagging the recently popular challenge. However, among these very dangerous ones also had it. A group of users even reacted to this challenge. TikTok management, who does not want people to harm themselves more, has made a decision about the subject in question. deleted all shares in one pen.

Shared tag says no results found

When we go to TikTok and search for milk crate challenges, no results left we can see clearly. TikTok administrators, who make statements on the subject, always follow the trends that encourage dangerous actions on the platform. that they will oppose they specify. The authorities, who stated that they removed the videos that were mentioned over the milk crates, for this reason, warned people both on social media and in real life. be careful they said they invited me.

Milk Crate Challenge is not the first dangerous trend in TikTok, won’t be the last either. Moreover, millions of users on the platform are very curious about being involved in these trends. Such events will continue, and unfortunately, some TikTok users may be injured or injured due to unbelievable currents. hayadollarwill continue to lose their yellow. . .

Some of the videos shot for the Milk Crate Challenge were as follows

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Michael Lewis


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