One of the most important games of the video game industry, undoubtedly Counter-Strike . The first-person shooter game, which we had the chance to meet for the first time in 2000, has dragged millions of players over the years. Many people met this game for the first time with weapons . If we say Counter-Strike, which is one of the most important factors that many people who do not have a gun today, have knowledge about guns, we would not be making a wrong sentence.

We’ll now take an in-depth look at the weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , the latest game in the Counter-Strike series . We will talk about all the weapons in the game, and together we will witness how these weapons work in the real world . If you wish, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at those weapons.

How do the weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive work in real life?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), which is one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world, has almost all kinds of weapons. In this context; Almost every weapon, from pistols to heavy machine guns, can be used actively in the game. Now let’s take a look at the pistols first, and then the guns in the other categories one by one.


Desert Eagle

One of the most popular pistols in CS:GO is the Desert Eagle , as you can imagine . The pistol, which has deadly results both in the game and in real life, is designed in such a way that bullets of different calibers can be used.


The working principle of guns in the pistol category, is generally the same . You can easily understand this by watching the videos. The system for padding the bullet and placing the new bullet in the slot is almost the same between the Desert Eagle and the Baretta . You’ll see a similar situation with other pistols.


is among the favorites of many players in CS:GO The Five-SeveN is known for its high accuracy and relatively low recoil. The pistol, which can take 20 rounds, provides an advantage during combat.


Even if it looks like a classic pistol triple shot The Glock-18, which has the ability to , can win rounds to the terrorist team.

R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver, also known as Altipadollarsar , is quite similar to other pistols in terms of working principle. What makes this gun special is that the chamber that can hold 6 bullets is outside .


Semi-automatic pistol type Tec-9. It is known for its high rate of fire and large ammo storage capacity. works similarly to CZ75-Auto .


What distinguishes the USP-S from other pistols is can be used with a silencer . Having the same system as the P2000 pistol, the pistol is the choice of shooters who do not want to make a sound .

Heavy weapons:


M249 is one of the heavy weapons actively used by many NATO countries , including America. The weapon, which weighs more than 7 kilograms even when empty, destroys the enemy with the 5.56×45 mm bullet used. The fact that the gun is fully automatic and can fire up to 850 shots per minute has always placed the M249 in a special place in the arms industry. The strongest competitor of the weapon is the Israeli-made Negev.


Multiple shotguns in CS:GO , the most modern of them is undoubtedly the XM1014. Known as an effective shotgun, the XM1014 is especially effective at close distance with its ability to make rapid searches.

Submachine guns:


The MAC-10 is not exactly a submachine gun. MAC-10, known as automatic gun for many segments, is a similar position to the light machine gun known as Uzi .


Not just in CS:GO, but in almost every shooter game The MP-5 is among the most popular submachine guns . Having single, double, triple or fully automatic modes, the gun works very well within the 150-metre range.


With a weight of only 2 kilograms when empty, the MP7 is the only other MP7 in the MP series. It has a similar structure to submachine guns. German-made weapon is used in most of the NATO countries .


The P90’s distinguishing feature from many guns is a horizontally placed weapon. it has a charger. The magazine, which has a capacity of 45 rounds , scans until it is empty when the trigger is pressed. Although you are considered a noob when used in the game, the P90 is one of the most preferred defense weapons in many parts of the world.

PP-19 Bison

The best sentence for PP-19 Bison is, it is the brother of the P90 . The Russian-made weapon provides an advantage with its low recoil rate and large magazine.


UMP, known as one of the best in the submachine gun category There are versions of the . that can be used with 9mm, .45 ACP and .40 S&W shells. Since the in-game version uses .45 ACP rounds, the weapon is also named that way.

Now to the most exciting part: Assault rifles


AK-47 , also known as Keleş or Kalashnikov, is one of CS:GO’s most popular assault rifles. The AK-47, which is as effective as it is difficult to use , is unfortunately also used against our country…


The AUG , which has been in our lives since the 1970s, is one of the most popular assault rifles worldwide. AUG, which is the choice of NATO countries, is mostly used by America’s Claret Red Berets and Police Special Operations.


FAMAS capable of rapid firing with 5.56 rounds, It is common in France . There are also different versions of the weapon.

Galil AR

The most important feature of Galil AR is undoubtedly its customizable structure. . Although it is basically an assault rifle , the weapon that can be used even by snipers uses 5.56 or 7.62 rounds.


in CS:GO M4A1-S and M4A4 assault rifles are among the weapons that are widely used in real life.

SG 553

SG 553 is the most used terrorist team in CS:GO. One of the most effective assault rifles. The gun, which is effective enough to empty its 30-round magazine in seconds, can fire more than 700 shots per minute .

Sniper rifles:


The sniper rifle , which can be used without any problems even in adverse weather conditions such as -40 degrees Celsius, can be actively used all over the world. The rifle, which uses 7.62 mm bullets , gives excellent results at a range of 800 meters .


G3SG1, one of the most popular rifles in the world G3 A customized version of . is known as . The gun that every American youth who does his military service takes in his hands is not preferred much anymore. America continues its efforts to use the domestic production MPT-76 instead of the G3.


We don’t have much to say for SCAR-L. Who knows what CS:GO players suffer from this weapon

SSG 08

Weighing in at around 5.5 kilograms, the SSG 08 is a relatively new sniper rifle. The weapon, which America’s Police Special Operations teams actively use, draws attention with its adjustable configuration and .

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