You can get a motorcycle license when you turn 16, and you can get a license to drive different vehicles, especially cars when you turn 18. By law, every driver must hold a driver’s license that demonstrates that he is competent to drive the vehicle he is driving. Although the process of obtaining a license is usually easy It is also known that many people are confused about this issue.

The process of obtaining a license starts with enrolling in a driving school and ends at the traffic branches of the provincial police directorates. Exams, lectures, and paperwork if you are successful at the end of the license processyou have the right to legally drive a vehicle suitable for the license you have obtained. Let’s clear up some confusion about this process and see the answer to the question of how to get a driver’s license.

How does the license process work?

  • Step #1:Enroll in a driving school.
  • Step #2: Complete the lessons completely.
  • Step #3:Be successful in the written exam.
  • Step #4:Be successful in the driving test.
  • Step #5:Get your certificate of achievement from the driving course.
  • Step #6: Submit your documents to the traffic branch of the provincial police department e.
  • Step #7:The process of obtaining a license has been completed.

Step #1: Enroll in a driving school:

Anyone who is at least 16 years old for a motorcycle and 18 for a car with at least a primary school diploma is required to obtain a driver’s license. serving under the Ministry of National Educationcan enroll in a driving school. Although it varies according to the driver’s license class you choose, the documents required from the driver candidate in general are as follows;

  • ID card
  • 6 biometric photos
  • Diploma or student certificate
  • Health report
  • Criminal record
  • Copy of marriage certificate for female driver candidates with surname change

Photos must have been taken within the last 6 months, the original must be brought along with the photocopy of the diploma. If there is no special disease, the health report can be obtained from the family doctor, the criminal record can be obtained via e-Government. According to the class of driver’s license you want to get or your special situation You can get detailed information from the driving school. The range of driving school fees may vary from course to course.

Step #2: Complete the lessons:

A driving school serving under the Ministry of National Education. by submitting the required documents and paying the course fee registered driver candidates first await a course that takes about 10-15 days. Although it varies according to the license class you want to take, the lessons you will take in the driving school are as follows;

  • Traffic and environmental information
  • First Aid
  • Engine and vehicle technique
  • Traffic etiquette
  • Drive lesson

During the training process, driver candidates to attend these courses fully and are asked to solve some trial tesdollars throughout the process. After the training process is completed, the driving school will direct the driver candidate for the written exam that will take place in the nearest time.

Step #3: Pass the written exam:

According to the system that changed in 2018, driver candidates can also take the written exam in the form of an electronic exam, if they wish. The fee to be paid for the written driver’s license exam may vary annually. 50 questions are asked in the exam.27 traffic, 13 first aid and 10 engine questions are calculated over 100 points. In order for the driver candidate to be considered successful, it is expected to get at least 70 points from this exam.

Step #4: Pass the driving test:

The driver candidate who scores 70 points or more in the written exam is entitled to take the driving test. An appointment is made for the driving test with the guidance of the driving course. During the driving test, the driver candidate is asked to do some actions depending on the vehicle he will drive with his license.

The scoring system of the driving test, which changes every year, is at the discretion of the supervisors. Driver candidate it is requested to do all the movements at once, without errors. However, in some difficult moves, small mistakes can be ignored and the island can be given a chance to try again.

Step #5: Get your certificate of achievement from the driving school:

In order for the candidates who pass the driving test successfully to obtain a driver’s license, a certificate is prepared by the driving school they are registered with. After the certificate preparation process which takes about 10 days now the driver candidate is ready to get a driver’s license.

Step #6: Submit your documents to the traffic branch of the Provincial Police Department:

Driver candidates who have received the certificates of competence prepared by the driving school, by making an appointment in advance. apply to the traffic branch of the provincial police directorates of the province where they are located.There are some documents that must be submitted during this application;

  • Passbook
  • Diploma
  • Health report
  • Criminal record
  • Parent/guardian consent letter for those under the age of 18
  • Biometric photo

After submitting your certificate along with these documents Your driver’s license will be ready in about 15 days. The driver’s license can come to your house, you can also go and get it yourself. After receiving your driver’s license, you can now legally drive vehicles of the class specified in the driver’s license. You can also use the temporary driver’s license given to you until your license is delivered.

License classes:

As you can see in the table above, in order to use vehicles with different weights and engine power, you need to get a driver’s license in different classes. For some, it is not enough to be 18 years old. Note that the fees you pay and the documents you submit will differ depending on the license class you will receive.

For those wondering how to get a license license process

We told you all the details you need to know about . As we said, there may be changes every year in the exam process and the fees paid during this process. Because the healthiest information You can get it from the driving courses that serve under the National Education Directorate.

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