Elon Musk’s internet-via-satellite project that SpaceX, the space transportation company, has been working on for a long time ” Starlink“, this time was used in a fraud case. Fraudsters who tried to sell Starlink subscriptions through a website they set up in Iran, also tried to pay. Bitcoin they aimed to ensure their privacy by accepting. However, the fact that careful consumers realized this situation revealed the fraudulent deception.

starlinkiran. com“, this website, which established the site by taking the domain name, Starlink’s to the original site simulating scammers for Starlink’s satellite equipment $249, also for monthly subscription fee $49 they wanted. However, these numbers were also not accurate because people who were interested in the subject already knew that the price of the internet kit was $ 499 and the subscription fee was $ 99 per month. scammers, keeping the price affordable they wanted to defraud more Iranians.

This is what the fake Starlink site opened in Iran looks like

When we check the owner of the internet domain name on “Who is”, we can see that this domain name is “A California-based company”. Dynadot. where there are dubious situations is said.

Fraudulent website focused on Iranian consumers still active state. It is also unknown whether the founders of this site are defrauding people. However, industry sources say that Starlink is seen as a hope in many countries where internet access is still difficult. This means that Iranians have already given scammers that you may have lost money is a clear indicator. . .

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Michael Lewis


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