Cryptocurrency market has witnessed a massive drop in the recent past which resulted in a notable loss for most altcoins. BTC dropped $7,000 in 2 hours. Major altcoins such as ETH, XRP, ADA lost value in double digits and struggled to find support zones. Meanwhile, Solana outperformed most of the altcoins. With a slight pullback, SOL is now trying to reach $200. Solana-based projects reached their new ATHs in SBR, SRM, SLIM and RAY. SOL and related projects have been leading the crypto market since last week.

Solana-based Saber (SBR) registers its ATH at $1.12

Saber (SBR) has made huge profits in the last few days. On September 11, 2021, the price rose 358% from $0.2786 to $1.0049. SBR’s attempts to reach $1.5 were in vain as bears took over the market. Still, despite the increase in bear market sentiment, SBR price seeks higher levels. 11% in the last 24 hours. . It is up 53, 34% of the $1.12 ATH it registered 2 days ago. It is trading below 79 at $0.7423.

Serum (SRM)

Serum (SRM) responded well to the market crash, recording 12.81 ATH on September 9, 2021. SRM price seems more stable compared to other leading cryptocurrencies. After an intense rally in the first quarter of 2021, the price dropped 300% from $11.7 to $3.8 on May 23, 2021. However, the price soon recovered and managed to hold on in the recent market crash. SRM price is now looking for a strong zone around $10. 5% in the last 24 hours. It is down 30 percent and is 11% of the $13.72 ATH it recorded the day before. It is trading below 47.

Solanium based on Solana (SLIM):

SLIM is a decentralized platform built on the SOL Blockchain. The network aims to offer decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking, and governance voting. SLIM price made huge profits in the first week of this month. The price increased by 500% from 0.5767 to 4.05 ATH on 7 September 2021. Unfortunately, the recent market crash brought the price down to $2,659. It has bounced back perfectly though, now forming a crucial support zone between $3.5 and $4. Meanwhile, September 7 ATH is 13% of $4.39. It is trading at $3.83 under 67.

Raydium (RAY):

The RAY price surprised the crypto market with extraordinary gains that later faded. On the upside, the RAY price reached its ATH of $15.88 on May 5, 2021. The market crash in mid-May affected the RAY price to a greater extent until August. With the surge in SOL price in mid-August, RAY posted huge profits, rising 300% from $4.96 to $15.54 on September 9. However, the price is currently above $13 and is just 4% of its ATH. It is trading below 42.

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