Today, there have been a significant number of developments in the Bitcoin and altcoin market. After a one-day top of $35,219, Bitcoin underwent a correction and is now trading at $33,300. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum looks strong and is trading close to $2,061. Let’s examine some interesting altcoin news together for today…

1 – Vietnamese nationality partners with TomoChain to keep national education certificates safe

Popular altcoin TomoChain has partnered with the Vietnam Education and Training Association (MOET) to secure national diplomas on its platform. The team collaborated to develop the National Qualifications Archive (NQA) system to store all Vietnam’s diplomas and certificates on the TomoChain Blockchain. Also, the NQA system consists of multiple layers of automatic verification and authentication. It will also improve accuracy and reduce administrative work with the utmost security.

Initially, millions of educational documents (high school, master’s and postgraduate degrees) as well as foreign language and IT certificates will be uploaded to NQA from 2018 to 2020 to quickly launch the system. Subsequently, provincial education and training units, universities and academies will carry NQA-related data. Specifically, issued certificates will have a unique code linked to the TomoChain Blockchain. So, this will upgrade Vietnam’s education system.

2 – Altcoin project of Umbrella Networkoracles now live on BSC Mainnet

Altcoin project Umbrella Network has announced that oracles are now live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet. According to the tweet, this will increase wider adoption of UMB oracles among developers. In addition, the team is working on improving features and adding new data pairs. Also, this will increase price accuracy and ensure a completely decentralized management structure.

Impressively, this integration helps this project integrate more blockchains to become multi-chain interoperability. Umbrella Network is a scalable Layer 2 oracle platform that provides high-speed and reliable data service at low cost. Therefore, validators can use this integration to run nodes at a significantly lower cost.

3 – Twitter announces 140 NFT giveaways

Twitter has announced that it will give 140 new NFTs. As mentioned, Twitter has shared a series of tweets with different images with the Twitter logo. NFTs include various versions of the Twitter logo, such as Furry Twitter, Rare Form, and Twitter Jggl. In addition, the team has published seven different NFTs on Rarible, a platform for trading digital assets.

NFTs are digital assets that represent a wide range of unique collectibles. Therefore, to increase adoption, the team announced to give 20 versions of each NFT to seven interested users, making it a total of 140 NFTs. Especially earlier this year, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey also sold his first tweet as NFT.

4 – Katy Perry launches first NFT collection on popular altcoin Theta Network

Pop star Katy Perry announced the launch of her first NFT collection for her fans. According to the tweet, the famous singer collaborated with Theta Network to create the non-exchangeable tokens. As mentioned, this NFT collection launch is meant to celebrate the Play residency.

The superstar also stated that this will be a unique opportunity to connect with fans around the world. Impressively Theta Network is a blockchain-powered video distribution network that allows users to earn tokens while watching content. Perry also bought a minority stake in Theta Labs.

5 – Swiss Stock Exchange, popular altcoin Quant to develop CBDC issuance

Collaborating with

Swiss Stock Exchange announced its plan to launch SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). As stated, SDX will be the world’s first regulated digital marketplace infrastructure using DLT. SIX also manages the Swiss Interbank Clearing (SIC) system, the RTGS system for the Swiss National Bank (central bank). It also manages Switzerland’s national Central Securities Depository (CSD).

Recently Quant released a new Overledger API to bridge the global ecosystems of DLTs and APIs. Therefore, the team will use Quant to provide interoperability between the legacy system and the DLT system to trigger the ISO message. Also, the popular altcoin Quant will be used as proof of concept, involving the issuance of CBDC for delivery versus payment, involving two commercial banks.

6 – Revolut now supports altcoin project Polkadot

Cryptocoin. As we have previously reported as com, Revolut, a London-based fintech company, announced that it supports Polkadot’s DOT token. DOT will now be in the Revolut app. According to the statements, DOT will be the last cryptocurrency to be added to the digital banking platform. That’s why the popular altcoin DOT is available to Revolut’s 15 million retail and business customers worldwide.

7 – Ocean Protocol collaborates with Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

OpenOcean, a popular CEX and DEX platform, announced that the Ocean Protocol technology will be installed on the BSC system. Ocean technology at BSC will specifically include Ocean Subgraph, Ocean smart contracts, Aquarius (metadata cache) and Ocean Market.

Furthermore, the collaboration means that OCEAN holders can move their tokens between BSC and the Ethereum mainnet. Ocean Market users can also stake, trade, publish and consume data assets in BSC. Bruce Pon, founder of Ocean Protocol, said:

Binance Smart Chain has been an excellent addition to the EVM ecosystem, given the extremely high GAS fees on the Ethereum mainnet. Binance Smart Chain has created a high-end platform to bridge EVM smart contracts and chains. We are excited to present another milestone in our multi-chain strategy so Ocean users can take advantage of the lower GAS costdollar series in Ocean Market and other emerging dApps and protocols using Ocean technology.

8 – UniFarm Stake takes action, allows SingularityDAO tokens

UniFarm is a DeFi system that conducts yield farming increase campaigns using multiple tokens combined in Cohorts. Unifarm has just launched Cohort 15, which includes SingularityDAO (SDAO). The program also allows users to collect three tokens (UFRAM, NUX and GAINS) outside of SDAO for three months. SingularityDAO also reported:

This represents another step in the evolution of our DeFi ecosystem by providing users with a new way to earn SDAO tokens and connecting SDAO to more markets, attracting the Unifarm community to the SDAO family, bringing greater liquidity and utility to the token.

9 – Blind Boxes plans integration with Polygon

Blind Boxes and Polygon are collaborating. The collaboration is expected to raise awareness of Blind Boxes Marketplace to users on the Polygon Network.

Also, this move unlocks the ability for Ethereum users in the BLES community to migrate ERC-721 standard tokens to the Polygon Network and access incredibly low fees and faster transaction throughputs. Also, content creators from Polygon will be able to print their NFT using the ERC-721 standard while enjoying the user experience of their network.

10 – Sentinel Network (dVPN) plans migration to popular altcoin Cosmos

Our latest altcoin news today includes Sentinel Network (dVPN), a decentralized VPN protocol, which is trying to migrate to Cosmos. In addition, the network plans to give users the opportunity to “mine bandwidth” using their routers. It also integrates to recommend tens of thousands of hardware devices to provide bandwidth.

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