Bitcoin price dropped to $49,500 and is now trading at $49,750. On the other hand, Ethereum is trading just below $3,900. Cryptocoin. com, we have compiled the best altcoin news of the day for you, let’s examine it together…

1 – Poolz launches $2M fund to invest in Metaverse and NFT Gaming

Poolz is known as the decentralized cross-chain platform that helps crypto projects raise funds before listing. To create a new fund to support the latest moves, metaverse and NFT gaming platforms. The fund itself will invest in interesting projects that can transform the industry. The much-needed cash injection will be $2 million, pushing new players on the horizon.

2 – Zee Studios launches First NFT on altcoin project Polygon

Zee Studios will now have its own NFT store in the altcoin project Polygon. This will be powered by NFTically, a platform that allows anyone to create their own NFT store without technical knowledge. Zee Studios is well known in India, especially in the Indian entertainment industry. Entering the world of NFTs will be a new experience for them.

3 – Immutable launches a non-GAS solution for minting and trading NFTs

In the past, scaling NFT projects was quite difficult. If the developers didn’t like Ethereum, they had only a few alternatives: to switch to another blockchain or sidechain. Neither option was good because they had to sacrifice the scale and security provided by Ethereum.

But staying on the world’s 2nd largest blockchain was creating a bottleneck for kidollarge adoption due to the high series of GAS fees. With Immutable X, which offers a Tier 2 solution, mass adoption can make great progress. 100% GAS-free printing and trading of NFTs offers tremendous scalability and security of Ethereum at 9,000 transactions per second. Other benefits include its own tick storage and seamless UX for developers and users alike.

4 – Altcoin project Cryption Network is in for a new upgrade

Altcoin project Cryption Network is pushing crypto adoption even further by developing products for regular retail investors. In its final move, the network is stopping Core Farms on PolyDEX and upgrading them to version 2.0. This provides both better APR and rewards for the community. Core Farms is important for providing liquidity for frequently traded cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, MATIC and stablecoins.

5 – World Origin Wilder Series puts its second NFT to tender

Wilder World has released its second 5D NFT poster. What they do differently is give you more value than just buying an NFT and then storing it in your wallet. Its innovations give you Wilder World Metaverse-ready NFTs: 5D hats you can wear, cars you can drive, and flats you can own.

6– Franklin Templeton is looking for Bitcoin and crypto experts

Franklin Templeton, one of the world’s largest independent asset managers, plans to hire crypto trading and research experts. According to the latest job posting by the American asset manager, the team is looking for two mid-to-top professionals to lead these roles.

The latest job posting states that the crypto research analyst will be responsible for designing and managing valuation models. The person should also be interested in emerging business opportunities and inform portfolio managers and senior executives about it. The analyst is expected to help Franklin Templeton grow and manage new products in the crypto industry.

7– Altcoin project Atari Chain and Fantom integration!

Atari Chain has announced that it will use their Fantom DeFi platform to trade, bet and play with ATRI tokens. According to the tweet, this integration will solve their problems on the Ethereum Blockchain. These challenges include more efficient transaction processing compared to Ethereum. Users can trade ATRI tokens in less than a second on Fantom.

8 – PAID Network enters the Global Metaverse with exciting game projects

PAID Network announced that it will launch more game projects on Ignition and Apollo-X platforms. The team emphasizes that gaming is a key element to increase the adoption of Blockchain technology. Therefore, the project plans to become the leader of the metaverse. PAID Network’s renowned platforms Ignition and Apollo-X provide users with opportunities to participate in exciting future decentralized projects.

9 – Zilliqa launches first smart contract wallet on Blockchain

Altcoin project Zilliqa announced the launch of the first smart contract wallet on Blockchain. According to the tweet, the team did. Launched DIDxWallet with tyron technology. With this technology, if the account is compromised, the user can lock their digital identity and recover it through social rescuers.

10–Harmony and Unbound Finance cooperate

In order to accelerate interoperability and profitability between blockchains, Harmony and Unbound Finance are collaborating. Unbound Finance is a trustless protocol that aims to unlock liquidity. With this integration, network users can borrow UND while securing liquidity among AMMs on the Harmony Blockchain without compromising the incentives derived from these funds. It will also allow UND to be used in Harmony-based DEXs such as Mochiswap, Openswap, ViperSwap and SushiSwap.

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