The Economist announced the results of the “World’s Safest Cities” list for 2021, prepared by creating statistics on 76 indicators. The Economist, which carried out a comprehensive study for the list and evaluated 60 big cities within the scope of this study, the capital of Denmark, the safest city in the world. Copenhagen.

Within the scope of the researches, the situation of a city in dozens of different areas such as health, digital life, people’s environment and individual security was examined. Copenhagen in all these categories taking the highest score became the safest city in the world. Copenhagen is followed by Toronto and Singapore, the largest city in America. New York ranked 37th on the overall list. New York lagged behind the world average with the points it collected in the categories.

The 10 safest cities in the world are listed as follows

  • Copenhagen:82.4 points
  • Toronto: 82.2 points
  • Singapore:80.7 points
  • Sydney: 80.1 points
  • Tokyo: 80 points
  • Amsterdam:79.3 points
  • Wellington:79 points
  • Hong Kong: 78.6 points
  • Melbourne:78.6 points
  • Stockholm: 78 points

According to the research conducted by The Economist, the average score of 60 cities is was 66.1 points. New York, on the other hand, lagged behind this score. 62.9 points got it. This statistic is a clear indication that some work has been done for New York, America’s largest city and capital. So, how is the situation within the scope of the categories included in the research? If you wish, let’s take a look at the World’s Safest Cities List on the basis of categories.

Top 10 cities in the health category

  • Tokyo:87.7 points
  • Singapore:84.1 points
  • Hong Kong:84 points
  • Melbourne:81.9 points
  • Osaka:81.8 points
  • Seoul:81.1 points
  • Toronto:80 points
  • London:78.8 points
  • Barcelona:78.1 points
  • Sydney: 77.7 points

The most important of the categories included in the research was undoubtedly health. Researchers examined in detail how prepared a city is against diseases. In this context, the number of hospitals COVID-19

Everything was looked at, from the number of deaths in the process . The world average, 66.7 points registered as . The score of New York, which is ranked 25th in this category, was above the average. New York scored 71.9.

Top 10 cities in infrastructure

  • Hong Kong:93.4 points
  • Singapore:92.1 points
  • Copenhagen:89 points
  • Toronto:88.6 points
  • Tokyo: 87.7 points
  • Stockholm: 87.3 points
  • Osaka:86.6 points
  • Washington: 86.5 points
  • Chicago: 84.5 points
  • Sydney:84.5 points

Investigations made in the field of infrastructure, which is one of the most important conditions of life in the city, 71.5 points above the world average

It turned out to be . borderline New York took the 35th place with 72.1 points..

Top 10 cities in the personal security category

  • Copenhagen:86.4 points
  • Amsterdam:80.5 points
  • Frankfurt:80.3 points
  • Stockholm:79.7 points
  • Brussels:79.2 points
  • Paris:79 points
  • Wellington: 78.3 points
  • Toronto: 77.2 points
  • Lisbon: 76.9 points
  • Madrid: 76.6 points

According to The Economist, people don’t seem to feel very safe in big cities. Analyzing indicators such as crime rates, experts revealed that the world average is 62.3 points. New York ranks 48th on the list with 48.8 points..

Top 10 cities in the environmental safety category

  • Wellington: 91.7 points
  • Toronto:90.3 points
  • Washington: 87.6 points
  • Bogotá:85.5 points
  • Milan:84.9 points
  • Copenhagen:84.5 points
  • Stockholm:83.7 points
  • Rio de Janeiro: 83.3 points
  • Zurich:82.3 points
  • Kuala Lumpur: 81 points

The Economist also looked at the air quality of cities and how the conditions for renewable energy and waste management are in these cities. In the studies on the subject, the world average 68.5 points

It turned out to be . Unfortunately, New York remained below the world average in this category as well. 62.8 points, the ranking of New York, which managed to win, passed to the recorders as 44.

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