In the Formula 1 calendar, the second half of the season has started, albeit with difficulty. located in Belgium SPA could not start the race due to heavy rain. Weather forecast reports were followed for a long time to decide the fate of the race.

In fact, in the past years in CanadaFIA, as the race lasted four hours, Formula 1 had set a three-hour limit to its races, but today there was a flexibility in this regard. The race resumed at 17:16 local time of the country and 19:16 am America time.

Half the normal score for everyone

After three laps behind the safety car, the Formula 1 management, which waited for a while, decided that the shardollarsars were not suitable to start the race and announced that it had ended the race. like this Max Verstappen won the race.

Williams pilot George Russell thus managed to reach the podium for the first time in his career and took the second place. Hamilton took third place. Thus, the Red Bull Racing team continued to be the team with the most race wins of the season.

More than two laps in the race and the total number of laps Less than 75% When the race is over while the lap is made, pilodollarsar is considered to have completed the race by getting half of the points they normally get. However, this doesn’t happen very often.

Why was the race not postponed?

The Formula 1 calendar is already messy enough and this sport is logistics, as we explain here, can be quite complex. Although the Netherlands, where the next race will take place, borders Belgium, and the road between the two tracks is a few hours away, logistics is a much more complicated matter. To run the race in the rain would be to invite accidents like yesterday.

as it stands Formula 1 management also did not consider the possibility of delaying the race. Considering that there will be Formula 1 races at the end of the next two weeks, it is among the priorities of the teams that the calendar is not compressed.

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