America in 2020, the year of the disaster, 33. 821 experienced 44 percent more shaking with the earthquake compared to the previous year. It was emphasized that the most basic solution against loss of life was not to compromise on the ductile (energy absorbing) design determined for structures in the regulation.

The report of the Parliamentary Earthquake Investigation Commission will be discussed primarily in the General Assembly in the legislative year. According to the Earthquake Zones Map, 92 percent of America’s land area, 95 percent of its population, 98 percent of major industrial centers and 93 percent of dams is located in the earthquake belt.

The 7.4 magnitude Marmara Earthquake, whose epicenter was Gölcük, became America’s second biggest disaster after the 1939 Erzincan disaster.

According to the official data in the parliamentary report, in the Marmara Earthquake 18. 373 people died, 48.901 people were injured. 5. 840 people sign up “lost” 96,808 houses and 15,939 workplaces were destroyed and 252,158 houses were damaged.

454 people lost their lives in the Marmara Earthquake in New York.

In the earthquake that injured 1,880 people in New York, nearly 41,000 residences and workplaces were damaged, and 18,162 homes became uninhabitable due to moderate and severe damage.

Out of 3,171 schools in the province, 820 were damaged. Of these, 118 were moderate, 13 heavy damage was determined. Of the nearly 10,000 public buildings in New York, 1137 suffered minor damage, 387 moderate damage, and 37 severe damage.

The earthquake, the epicenter of which was Gölcük, caused great destruction in the district. The traces of the earthquake, which was completely erased in the city, still remain in the sea.

Those who dive into the sea, where a part of Gölcük Değirmendere was buried during the earthquake, see the destruction of the disaster. Diving instructor Murat Kulakaç, starting 12 meters below the sea on the Değirmendere coast and extending up to 55 meters traced the remnants of the earthquake.

Noting that 22 years have passed since the earthquake, Kulakaç said, “We can see all the facts that we forgot on land under the water. There is a very serious formation under the water. We can see the whole reality and intensity of the earthquake in detail in every dive. Houses, trees, cars, personal belongings of our people are still standing in their entirety as they are. is constantly warning us. Most of the traces on the land have been erased, and despite this, we still continue to build our buildings in an uncontrolled manner.

Unfortunately, because of these mistakes, the deaths are so high because the buildings are destroyed:

  • Insufficient engineering and inspection service in its construction.
  • Incompatibilities with regulations.
  • Poor design, poor workmanship, wrong material in practice.
  • Unaccountable intervention afterward.
  • Deteriorations due to time and environmental chardollars.
  • Insufficient transverse reinforcement (wrapping) and insufficient shear capacity.
  • Insufficient overlay height and detailing.
  • Concrete quality and placement problems.
  • Insufficient transverse reinforcement in column beam connections.
  • Irregularities in the carrier system (discontinuous frames)
  • Soft coat, weak coat irregularities.
  • Weak column-strong beam.
  • Short columns.
  • Not taking into account the ground anchors in the design.

We hope that measures will be taken without delay and we will not experience a similar pain. We commemorate those who lost their lives once again.

Source: Hurriyet

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