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Coffee, tobacco, tea and even the simplest fruits were special products consumed by the noblest of the region before they were opened to the world. So is chocolate. In fact, chocolate is a tadollary that has only been with us for a few centuries. However the history of cocoa, the raw material of chocolate dates back thousands of years. At that time, a bitter drink was made from cocoa beans and served to the nobility.

Today’s scientists have proven how beneficial cocoa and chocolate are when processed correctly. These facts were also known to those who lived in the Mesoamerica region thousands of years ago. So, what happened that this bitter drink suddenly turned into a delicious tadollars that adorned the market shelves? Bride looking closely at the history of chocolate and cocoaLet’s discover the world cuisine.

Before making chocolate, cocoa beans were smoked:

The earliest finds of chocolate or cocoa were found in a 2600-year-old pot. However, the history of chocolate and cocoa is much older, is about 4 thousand years old. Thousands of years ago, the Olmec community living in the Mesoamerica region known today as the continent of South America lived together with cocoa trees, but they did not eat the fruits of this tree.

This group, which we now call the Maya Civilization, one day saw an animal eat the fruits of the cocoa tree. In fact, according to legends, that animal plucked the cocoa fruit from its branch just like a human. Ancient people of course used this situation and accepting this fruit as sacred They identified with a feathered serpent god, whom the Mayans called Kukulkan and the Aztecs called Quetzalcoadollars.

After that day A special drink started to be made using the seeds of the cocoa fruit. This special beverage was consumed by kings, nobles or important guests. It was believed that this cocoa drink, in which different products such as corn flour and hot pepper were added, would give the person both sexual and physical strength and power. Scientific studies conducted today confirm this belief.

Europe’s meeting with cocoa and chocolate:

This beverage made from cocoa beans has been consumed unknowingly in the Mesoamerican region for hundreds or even thousands of years. Gift of jewelry 16. century until this region was discovered by Spanish explorers Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortés. These explorers, who were important guests, were served a beverage made from cocoa beans.

Spanish explorers loved cocoa. Cadollared the natives, confiscated their gold and returned home, they brought cocoa beans with them and showed everyone how to do it. Cocoa drink called Xocoadollars, that is, bitter drink It changed a little in Spain and started to be drunk by adding sugar to it.

Just like the Mayans, the Spaniards found this drink worthy only for their kings and nobles for many years. Until King of Spain III. Phillip’s daughter, Princess Anne, to the King of France XIII. Until she married Louis. spanish princess, bringing cocoa beans in her dowry introduced cocoa to France.

Finally, the public meets cocoa and chocolate:

Events progressed rapidly after France became acquainted with cocoa beans. Cocoa known all over Europe after France was so popular that cocoa trees were planted in European colonies and the already exploited natives were also employed in cocoa gardens.

The production of cocoa, which was difficult to process and find until that day, and the Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes van Houten made a with the invention of the cocoa processing machine After 1828, European people also met cocoa. This machine produced; He roasted cocoa beans, separating the oil, and turning the rest into the dry cocoa powder we know today.

An English company called J. S. Fry & Sons succeeded in making solid chocolate for the first time in 1847, bringing the era of cocoa drinking to an end. Another trader named Rodolphe Lindt mixed cocoa butter and cocoa powder. managed to make much more delicious and fragrant chocolates.Of course, it means the world of chocolate as we know it.

Chocolate and cocoa in the Ottoman Empire:

It is not known exactly how and when Americans were introduced to chocolate and cocoa. However, we have an important resource. Published in the Journal de Constantinople, 1857 Chocolate is mentioned in the list of items of need and its price, which is quite high for that day.

In the Ottoman Empire, Americans never consumed cocoa as a beverage. Known as Swiss chocolate sudollary chocolate was always popular. Although there are many different types such as white and dark chocolate, the most consumed type of chocolate in our country even today is sudollarsu chocolate. We know the taste of our mouth.

How to make chocolate?

To understand the history of chocolate and cocoa, it is necessary to know how these bitter beans turned into a delicious tadollarsi. cocoa trees It starts to bear fruit at the age of 4 and can grow up to 10 meters. are trees. The fruit of the cocoa tree is approximately 35 cm, and the seeds coming out of the fruit are 2.5 cm. About 40 seeds come out of each fruit.

These removed seeds are dried after being kept in the banana peel for a few days. After roasting and processing in factories, cocoa butter and cocoa powder are obtained. Powder and oil mixed with sugar and made into paste After adding flavor enhancing products such as milk, milk powder, vanilla, the chocolate is ready. Today, the most consumed chocolate types in the world are dark, sudollarsu, white, filled, praline and ruby.

Delicious tadollary chocolate made from bitter cocoa beans we told the story of its arrival to this day and we saw how it came to market shelves when the kings were drinking. An occasional meal of real chocolate that is not filled with harmful substances such as corn syrup will be beneficial for everyone.

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