Gold market is finally starting to break the summer recession as fiyadollarsar retests the critical resistance at $1,830 per ounce. So what kind of market awaits us next week? Cryptocoin. com, we present you the current analysis…

Golden wakes up from its summer sleep! What are the expectations?

Alongside the recent crash, many analysts say the gold market has been eerily quiet for the past few months as investors focus on hot stock markets and the Federal Reserve has begun to change its monetary policy. Nitesh Shah from WisdomTree recently made important predictions. According to his models, Nitesh Shah said gold prices fell 12% as investors focused on record valuations in equity markets and US monetary policy.

Bloomberg Intelligence, on the other hand, drew attention to the cheap value of gold, saying that it is a discounted asset in the bull market. The depreciation of gold in the market is starting to attract the attention of leading hedge funds. Not one but two billionaire investors hit the headlines with bullish outlooks for the precious metal. John Paulson, president of Paulson & Co., said we could see gold prices go parabolic as rising inflation pushes investors away from bonds and cash.

Analisdollarser, now they say gold prices will return to $1,900

Meanwhile, Mark Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners, said investors should hold 10% of their portfolio in gold. So it looks like the sleepovers of gold may be coming to an end, especially as the Fed is expected to suspend its plans to cut bond purchases over the next few months, if not the rest of the year. This uncertainty around US monetary policy has increased following significantly disappointing labor market data.

sdollarser expected to see a job increase of around 720,000. Instead, the US Labor Department said only 235,000 jobs were created. This is well below the lowest individual estimates. The US dollar fell as expected after the news and yellow metal prices rose yellow. Analisdollarser now say that gold prices will return to $1,900 an ounce. But before we get there, we need to break through resistance around $1,835 an ounce.

For now, yellow metal investors can enjoy the ride, according to analystdollars

The gold market has tested this level three times this summer and failed to hold. The last time the market was at these levels, we had a flash crash last month. According to analysts, US monetary policy will also continue to be a heavy burden for the gold market. While the contraction could be delayed until March, analisdollarser do not expect it to be lifted completely. At some point, the Federal Reserve will have to tighten its monetary policies. This environment may continue to put pressure on gold investment. But for now, yellow metal investors can enjoy the journey, according to analystsdollars.

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