As September approaches, all eyes are on Apple. The most curious members of the launch of the technology giant, which is expected to take place in September, is undoubtedly the new iPhone 13 family. We shared the claims that the series, which will appear as four models, will be the most expensive iPhone series ever introduced, together with the reasons in a news article the other day.

If the news came today after these allegations, revealed the prices of the new series. Although the shared fiyadollarsar confirms the claims that the series will be the most expensive iPhone series, it should not be forgotten that all these are just rumors. However, considering the possibility of it being true, we can say that the prices are annoying.

Initial pricesyellow higher than expected:

The iPhone 13 series, which we have mentioned in detail in our news here, with all the innovations, features and fiyadollarsar we expect, is well above the expected price. Especially iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max has a price tag that we’ve never seen before in any iPhone series. Let’s take a look at all the fiyadollars that have emerged together;

iPhone 13 Mini: 4GB RAM

64GB storage: $850 ~7. 100 Dollars + taxes

128GB storage: $927 ~7. 743 Dollars + taxes

256GB storage: $1,051 ~8. 780 Dollars + taxes

iPhone 13 4GB RAM

64GB storage: $973 ~8. 128 Dollars + taxes

128GB storage: $1,051 ~8. 780 Dollars + taxes

256GB storage: $1,174 ~9. 807 Dollars + taxes

iPhone 13 Pro 6GB RAM

128GB storage: $1,313 ~10. 968 Dollars + taxes

512GB storage: $1,622 ~13. 549 Dollars + taxes

1TB of storage: $2,055 ~17. 166 Dollars + taxes

iPhone 13 Pro Max 6GB RAM

128GB storage: $1,437 ~12. 004 Dollars + taxes

512GB storage: $1,746 ~14. 585 Dollars + taxes

1TB of storage: $2,179 ~18. 202 Dollars + taxes

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